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‘Justice League’ Trailer Is Peak DCU

The long awaited preview offers mediocre results

By Brandon DanielPublished 6 years ago 1 min read


Hang on. Just let me — okay. Just let me talk!

DC has a weird trailer syndrome. We’ve seen it multiple times now. The ‘Man of Steel’ trailer? Incredible. The ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer? Great. The ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer? Fantastic. The ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer? Dope. The ‘Justice League’ trailer? It was alright.

Come on now. Yes, it is incredibly awesome to see all of these characters on screen together doing stuff and posing with super-explosive Power Ranger poses with grass randomly exploding happening. But what of substance did we actually get from this trailer?

We literally knew of all this already. We knew that this movie was going to introduce these other characters. We knew that an army was going to invade and give yet another group of superheros some CGI villains to beat on. This trailer is specifically for the casuals who do not know who any of these characters are. And that’s fine. That’s necessary. I get it. But let’s not blow up a mediocre trailer and make it something that it is not just because our fan-person wet dreams are coming true.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good aspects in here, as expected. Powers being used in awesome ways. A couple of great lines from Wonder Woman and Batman. But overall, we’re left expecting another DC caliber film with sometimes decent action and a messy plot on the way.

Here’s the thing though. All of the DC trailers have been good, yet the movies have been bad (Wonder Woman remains to be seen as of yet). Could Justice League’s mediocre trailer point to this movie actually being good? The fan in me really (times infinity) hopes so.


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