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Jane the Virgin: Is Michael Coming Back?

The Presence of Michael Cordero hints at a return

By Brandon DanielPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Don’t call it a comeback

SPOILER WARNING: FULL SPOILERS AHEAD (Also spoilers for ‘The Walking Dead’ for some reason)

You read the warning, right?

Earlier this season ‘Jane the Virgin’ killed off one of its series regulars, Brett Dier’s Michael Cordero. It was an unexpected, satisfying twist that upset the shows status quo and sent it 3 years into the future. While Michael died of a heart failure, the show continues to bring up his character in various ways.

Jane has to constantly deal with her grief of losing Michael and attempts to move on from their relationship. Jane also is being forced to use her relationship to sell her book — a book that is based on her relationship with Michael. Even Rogelio (#brogelios 4 life) questions whether starting a friendship with Fabian is betraying his former best friend Michael.

Of course it makes sense that the show would continue to use Michael’s presence. It would be weird and odd to just outright forget this character, who was so integral to the show and these character’s lives.

But let’s not forget what ‘Jane the Virgin’ is. It is a telenovela aka soap opera that is full of ex machinas, unexpected twists, twins, and a serious load of drama. With all of that being considered, it seems much more likely to me that Brett Dier will return. Notice that I said Brett Dier and not Michael.

There are several ways Brett Dier can return:

1. Michael faked his death and was undercover the whole time

Micheal was the one deep into this whole Sin Rostro business. With the reemergence of Rose and the crime storyline coming more into the foreground, a sudden Michael reappearance could make sense.

2. Michael has been kidnapped/held hostage/lost somewhere

I think this is the most unlikely of the bunch, but it still needs to be said. It is possible that Michael was taken and is being kept by Sin Rostro, or some other people against his will. Or he accidentally ended up in another dimension like The Hulk.

3. Twin

Petra has her twin Anezka, and has her twin daughters Elsa and Anna. There were also those two twin teenagers who were sort of Jane’s step sisters at one point. Twins are not uncommon to the show. While it would be weird for a twin to pop out of nowhere, we’ve seen it happen on this show before.

4. Plastic Surgery/Mask

Either Michael could be hiding in plain sight this whole time as someone else, or someone could show up looking like him. Seeing how easily the show allows Eileen to take off her mask and be Rose again, we could see, say Elvis, the private detective hired by Rafael, take off his mask and become Michael. Or put on a mask and become Michael. Personally I’m rooting for the Rose pretends to be Michael route. Don’t ask me how.

5. Zombie

MICHAEL COULD RETURN FROM THE GRAVE AND KILL THEM ALL. Or he could be an intelligent zombie like the zombies on ‘Jane The Virgin’s sister show ‘iZombie.’ Talk about a crossover!

6. Lookalike

This is probably the most realistic, reliable option there is. We get introduced to another character who looks just like Michael, but isn’t. This is one of those options that seems so probable that you would think they would not do it. But I’ve learned not to put anything past this show.

Yes, yes, yes. It is completely and totally possible that Brett Dier/Michael does not come back at all, making me very sad and ruining #brogelios for all of us. However, given the fact there has been absolute no casting news for Brett Dier, it leads me to believe that he is coming back.

What do I mean by casting news? Let me give you an example. A show that is absolutely terrible at this is ‘The Walking Dead.’ Every year the show kills off some regular characters, and if you pay attention to casting news, you can often predict who they will be.

In the last year, both Steven Yeun and Sonequa Martin Green were announced to be in new upcoming projects. And what happened? They were both killed off the show.

Now yes, this does not always happen. But the fact that Brett Dier has not been cast in ANYTHING leads me to be suspicious. Let’s just say if he comes back, I called it.


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