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India vs Windies : 2022

by Sports news 6 months ago in culture
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Washington Sundar, Siraj give a glimpse of their new-ball nous !

It was difficult to miss Mohammed Siraj's three-card strategy to turn the tables on West Indian opener Shai Hope in the first ODI in Ahmedabad. It involved thinking and imagining.

Initially, Siraj threw a handful of out-of-the-box players, who opened the box with a fist and shot in the outside. The thrower was adjusting the batter for his shift as he followed the outers with a quarter-quarter seam ball (holding approximately 45 degree angle), with Hope inside pointing to the stump. In what appears to be a fast-paced chess game, the pace thrower made Hope think he would stop it away from him, but was confused by the fluctuations.

In the current era of ODI cricket, the white Kookaburra does not swing for long. The thrower must therefore uncover hidden abilities that can surpass batter. Or Siraj's delivery may be tilted to the right hand, adding random or uncertainty to his repertoire. Siraj's resilience at the start of the innings re-emerged after India's struggles with the new ball in recent times in the 50 overs. Since the start of 2020, Indian bowlers have taken only 12 wickets in 19 innings with an average of 92.25 and a 95-point strike in PowerPlay in ODIs. Unfavorable statistics that could lead to a slight increase in the Indian population

Siraj's move to Hope was not the only highlight of India's spin-off effort as Washington Sundar and Yuzvendra Chahal's spin duet combined to split seven wickets. Chahal has rightly been convicted of four counts of burglary. On the other hand, the importance of Sundar's play is that he threw in the middle of the first PowerPlay and kept a solid scoring rate. He quickly reaped the benefits of his discipline when he picked up the hair of the heads of Darren Bravo and Brandon King shortly after PowerPlay.

After all, enough captains in the IPL and trophy Vijay Hazare relied on Sundar in PowerPlay overs. "Yeah, that's what (bouncing at PowerPlay) I did a few years ago. I'm glad to throw in PowerPlay ... with a new ball. Even playing Vijay Hazare, it helped me to throw. they really helped us, "said the all-rounder to the post-match press.

In the past, Sundar has also noticed that he is training for PowerPlay bowling in the net. "I'll tell the batsman what the pitch will be like. I'll also think about where to throw. Maybe five to ten minutes, I'll give myself time to throw in the back, but most players are the time I prepare to throw in PowerPlay," he said in a post-IPL match in 2020.

Sundar bowling is actually a repetitive game, sprinkled with subtle changes in speed and use of the crease. Also longer compared to spinach and containers with higher release, it releases additional bounce. Another feature of the Sundar game is that it tends to watch the feet or activate the batter movement all the way.

Even in the opening ODI he showed a glimpse of his ability to take wickets by sticking to his plans and eating batsmen. To sum up the point, in the 10th over of the innings, Sundar threw heavily with a flat trajectory to Bravo. Once when he gave it a breath, Bravo wrote a cover-drive. It seemed obvious that Sundar was teasing Bravo to play a flick or kneel one in the corner to trap him in front with a straighter. The person on the left even tried to move a few clicks.

Bravo soon fell to the next sundar in Sundar. With a small shot, Bravo moved closer. The southpaw probably hoped to oppose the turn if it existed. Sundar, on the other hand, have been seen looking at the feet of a batting player as a hawk as he throws a straight line and circles around a place of good length. As Bravo scrambled to the outside, he was unable to meet the ball and ended up playing in the front row to be judged by LBW.

With Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami set to return to the Indian system sometime, Sundar may have limited chances to throw in PowerPlay. However, given the fact that the next World Cup will be played in India in 2023, Sundar could add a different dimension to PowerPlay attacks in some cases. In the meantime, the home team's coaching staff will be pleased to see that at the end of the game they will be left with more answers than questions about throwing a new ball.


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