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Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper Got Into a Fight and it Was Equal Parts Hilarious and Disappointing

A real baseball brawl happened, and it offered a wide variety of moments we all can enjoy.

By Owen McGrattanPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
“Got your nose!” (TotalProSports)

First off the Nationals won the game 3–0, but who cares because you came here for a good ol’ fashioned fight!

Before we get into it I just want to make clear that I will NOT get into any discussion on bat flips vs respecting the game or whatever you want to call that argument. And I don’t want to give out or hear your stupid takes on how Buster Posey is a terrible teammate for not stopping Harper.

For a little background, Hunter Strickland gave up some dingers to Bryce Harper THREE YEARS AGO. Strickland didn’t like it and a World Series ring didn’t make him happy enough. So here we are.

First off, how did the man who can throw a baseball over 90 MPH throw his helmet?

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Well I’m not sure what Harper intended to do there. Maybe give Strickland a good ol’ charlie horse type bruise? Bryce certainly hadn’t worked too much on the overhand helmet tossing. Throwing by the bill of the helmet is a rookie move, everybody knows that (EDIT: EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT). Fortunately enough, we can give Bryce a participation trophy for his attempt at throwing a helmet! You tried! In all honesty though, I can’t wait for the first player to throw his thumb guard at the pitcher when he charges the mound. Ooooh oooh maybe an open hand slap with just the batting glove! It’s time to get creative with protective equipment!

Alright moving on. The actual fight itself must have been way better. These are some of the greatest athletes in the world. Warriors who grind out a 162 game season. Strickland, a man who can throw a baseball over 100 MPH. Harper, a man with the hand-eye coordination to hit a baseball coming in at 100 MPH. This must have been what it was like to see battles in the Coliseum!

Turns out the punches thrown were the equivalent of something seen between two drunk guys in the parking lot outside the Oakland Coliseum.

Well someone got rocked in there. Yeah, we got a fight, this is exciting! WOOOHO, wait. Was that Jeff Samardzija taking out his own teammate?

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Besides the fact that this makes for an amazing Head & Shoulders ad, it would only be fitting that Samardzija came rolling in as if he were blocking for Brady Quinn. Who the hell would’ve thought that one of the better athletes between the two teams would roll into the fight in the clumsiest way?

Let it be noted that this certainly wasn’t the first time Samardzija has taken out a teammate in the heat of the moment.

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Unfortunately this fight, like so many others in baseball, failed to have much fighting or punches landed. No one got their sunglasses knocked off their face, no one got put in a headlock, and no coaches got thrown to the ground by players 30 years younger than them.

And the one Giant who was meant to be out there in a brawl was, well…

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Maybe it’s just me but this was a disappointing fight. You can always hope that one day teams let two guys go at it hockey style, or we can get each of the teams to get in a 25-on-25 scrum rugby style.

At least we can say we got some good prom pictures out of this one though.

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