Breeders Cup Classic Superfecta Bet Has Averaged $38,222 Payout Per Year for Each $1 Bet

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The Breeders Cup Classic is a Great Betting Race

Breeders Cup Classic Superfecta Bet Has Averaged $38,222 Payout Per Year for Each $1 Bet

The 2020 Breeders Cup Classic will take place this year on Saturday, November 7, 2018, at Keenland Race Course located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Breeders Cup Classic is a huge betting race and the average payout for the superfecta bet in the Breeders Cup Classic has averaged a whopping $38,222 for each winning $1 ticket since the bet was introduced in 1997.

Despite the coronovirus, horse racing never completely stopped in 2020. While many tracks did stop racing back in March, Gulfstream and Tampa Bay in Florida among other tracks kept on racing. All race tracks did ban people from attending in person and that will also be the case at the 2020 Breeders Cup at Keenland.

While many big horse races this year, like the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, were moved to later dates, the Breeders Cup is taking place at the same time of year it always does.

Despite the lack of horse racing fans in person at the nations' thoroughbred horse racing tracks, the amount of money being bet on the races has been pretty good.

At Saratoga, the best and most prestigious horse racing meet in America, the total amount of money bet on the races was over $700 million in 2020. Just about the same amount of money that was wagered at Saratoga in 2019, when fans were in attendance.

All the racetracks that did stay open in March saw their handles go up this year, also despite no fans being in attendance. It will be very interesting to see just how much money the betting public will wager on the Breeders Cup races in 2020 even with no fans allowed to be their to bet in person.

Breeders Cup Classic Superfecta Bet Has Averaged $38,222 Payout Per Year

In order to win a superfecta bet you have to have the first four finishers in a race in exact order. It is not an easy bet to win but if you do hit it you can make a lot of money. The superfecta bet offers bettors one of the best chances to turn a little bit of money into a lot of money at the racetrack betting on horse races.

The Breeders Cup races in general including the Breeders Cup Classic are usually great races to bet on. That's because most of the Breeders Cup races have full fields and the purse money for winning any Breeders Cup race is huge. So each and every horse in each and every race is in that race to win regardless of odds.

In horse racing, the more horses in a race the bigger the payouts are going to be. That's not true for every single race but it's true for all races in general.

Listed below are the ten highest payouts for the superfecta bet at the Breeders Cup Classic since 1997. The years are listed by the highest payouts to the lowest.

All payouts since the superfecta bet was introduced in 1997 for the Breeders Cup Classic are included in the average payout of $38,222. The average payout of the ten highest years listed below is $79,343.

Will the superfecta bet on the Breeders Cup Classic in 2020 match those lofty payouts? If history is any guide the answer is yes and do not be surprised if the payout for the superfecta bet at the 2020 Breeders Cup Classic sets a new record high.

Breeders Cup Classic Top 10 Highest Superfecta Bet Payouts

1. 1999 Breeders Cup Classic - $692,907.00

2. 2002 Breeders Cup Classic - $28,603.90

3. 2011 Breeders Cup Classic - $23,851.90

4. 2001 Breeders Cup Classic - $12,249.00

5. 2008 - Breeders Cup Classic - $10,236.00

6. 2005 Breeders Cup Classic - $6,318.00

7. 2000 Breeders Cup Classic - $6,121.30

8. 2003 Breeders Cup Classic - $4,931.40

9. 2006 Breeders Cup Classic - $4,392.10

10. 2014 Breeders Cup Classic - $3,817.40

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