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Best NFL Throwback Uniforms of All-Time

by Ryan McCombs 4 years ago in football
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Jerseys That Will Hopefully Make a Comeback

The NFL's current rule allowing teams to only use one style of helmet per year has restricted teams from breaking out some of the best uniforms of all time, so we are going to look through some of the NFL throwbacks that need to become team's full-time uniforms.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Known as "the Creamsicles" these uniforms are widely regarded as some of the ugliest uniforms ever to be worn on an NFL field. I just don't see it. I find this color scheme way more appealing than the current Bucs' colors: red, grey, and black. The throwback logo on the helmet is very strong.

9. Chicago Bears

The blue jersey with orange numbers pops significantly more than the dull blue and white the Bears currently wear. The logo-less helmet is a nice touch, too. A simple, yet fantastic throwback that needs to come back.

8. Buffalo Bills

The Bills 1994 throwback uniforms make it on to this list strictly for their helmets. Why the Bills don't bring these helmets back is beyond me. The rest of the uniform can stay in 1994, but the throwback Bills logo needs to come back.

7. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs throwback uniforms are also only on this list because of their extremely strong helmets. The current Chiefs uniforms are much improved over these boring throwbacks, but if the new uniforms brought the Texas logo back, they would be some of the best current uniforms in the NFL.

6. Detroit Lions

Sometimes, simplicity works best, and that is absolutely the case with these Lions throwback uniforms. The Lions are bringing these uniforms back as an alternate uniform for the 2018 season, but hopefully, they become their main uniforms for the future.

5. Tennessee Titans

The Titans' Oilers throwback uniform is gorgeous. From the throwback Oilers logo on the helmet to the color scheme, the whole uniform is an upgrade over the current Titans uniforms.

4. Atlanta Falcons

A new variation of the "Dirty Birds" Atlanta Falcons uniforms will be returning as a throwback option for the 2018-2019 season, but it really should become their full-time uniform. The black of these uniforms is the most intimidating look in the NFL.

3. New England Patriots

Is there anything more PATRIOTic than the red, white, and blue color scheme of these New England Patriots throwbacks? The logo alone would have them high up on this list, but the color scheme on these uniforms is worlds better than their current bland uniforms.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles are not going to bring back this beautiful Kelly green uniform, can they at least bring back the wings on the helmet? What an incredible look that is. As a Cowboys fan, it is painful to write positive things about the Eagles, but these throwbacks are crisp. The fact that these aren't at least used as an alternate uniform is an absolute crime.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Has there ever been a more obvious number one? The Chargers powder blue throwbacks are by far the best looking uniforms in NFL history. The Chargers wear them as alternates often, but its about time they make them their primary uniforms.


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Ryan McCombs

I am currently a communications and sports media major at Franklin Pierce University.

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