10 Reasons WWE Isn’t What It Used to Be (And Why It Now Sucks)

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WWE has no business claiming to be sports entertainment in 2018.

10 Reasons WWE Isn’t What It Used to Be (And Why It Now Sucks)

If you’re like me and you grew up watching wrestling, then you may also be disappointed in the way the company has grown to present itself today. Here are 10 reasons why WWE isn’t what it used to be and why it kind of sucks now:

1. They no longer listen to the WWE universe.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, did they ever?” And the answer to that is yes, they did. If you ever watched wrestling back when it was WWF or even when WWE first started, if someone like The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and asked the fans if they wanted to see someone get their ass kicked and they replied yes, well that’s exactly what they got.

These days they have been known to manipulate the sound of the crowd to change their reaction to what they would like to hear, thus giving them the ability to manipulate the entirety of the show—and not giving the WWE Universe what they want.

2. The story lines are extremely formulated.

The formulated story lines in the WWE these days aren’t enough to hold someone's attention for 10 minutes, let alone a couple of hours. There isn’t any realism in the WWE anymore, whereas back in the day, when things were unscripted, you never knew what was coming next. It was spontaneous and exciting.

3. Promos are all about advertising the WWE Network.

Since they’re no longer able to charge between $45-65 for a paper view event because everything has become a streaming service, WWE of course jumped on board by rolling out the WWE Network. This, of course, is something they work way too hard to push when it’s time for a star to come out and cut a promo. It’s always one of the first things they say now. Something like, "Before I begin, I just want to let you guys know that in three weeks we’ll be at whatever paper view event streaming live only on the WWE network and as always it’s free for new subscribers.” It's one big scripted promo.

4. It’s too PG-13.

There isn’t anything wrong with the WWE showing their support for the troops overseas, children’s cancer, or breast cancer. They’ve always done that. But WWE superstars have to watch what they say on TV these days. And it makes for an extremely weak and boring PG show. What happened to kicking ass and taking names? That’s what wrestling used to be all about. Nope, not anymore.

5. They are constantly repeating matches.

While the WWE Universe is sick of seeing the same matches week after week and paper view after paper view, the WWE doesn’t care. They constantly repeat matches until they lose their volume. There are other ways to keep the attention of the WWE Universe and link up two characters in a story line rather than having the same matches for several months at a time. Boring.

6. Matt Hardy’s Woken Character

I mean literally, this one speaks entirely for itself. Matt Hardy has been in the WWE for nearly two decades and honestly, I used to be a huge Matt Hardy fan. That was until one day the WWE decided to bring him back as a woken character who didn’t even speak proper English and wanted to delete people. The entire storyline was just bizarre and stupid, to say the least.

7. Reality TV

Back in the day, there was always this sort of mystery about wrestling. How they did what they did, who really said what to who in the locker room, etc. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about not knowing a damn thing about wrestling or the personal lives of the wrestlers because it’s all shown on their reality TV shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas, which also brings us into reason number 8 of why the WWE isn’t what it used to be.

8. Out-of-Character Interviews

WWE characters have been allowed to do out of character scripts (something they were never allowed to do back in the day) for quite some time now. Because of this, there are hundreds of previous WWE superstars doing interviews on how bad the company is today, how badly they were treated at WWE, or why the shows simply just suck. Don’t believe me? It’s all over YouTube. Go watch it for yourselves.

9. There isn’t any excitement.

Remember the days when D-Generation X would come out and totally catch you off guard with some outrageous act of violence or some hilarious backstage stunt? Yeah, those days are over in the WWE. I don’t even remember the last time something really entertaining happened that I didn’t already see coming at the beginning of the show. They don’t do exciting anymore. I mean, when’s the last time we've seen a street fight or someone get slimed in the middle of the ring? Easily over 10 years ago, that’s when.

10. They no longer give value to WWE titles.

Championships titles in the WWE are thrown around today like The New Day throws pancakes to the audience. Now of course, titles in the WWE are only there as a prop. But now they're just a prop that’s undervalued and useless to the WWE universe.

Jennica Janae
Jennica Janae
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