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UFO Disclosure Is Tied To Our Economy

by Paul Guadagno about a year ago in economy · updated 14 days ago
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Gold and Silver Prediction - Alienote Update - Bitcoin Is Fake Gold

Update June 18th 2022

The article below originally written about a year ago ended up being accurate about Bitcoins weak performance. Will it also be proven correct regarding the relationship between Gold/Silver values and UFO/UAP disclosure.

1/27/2022 Update - Bitcoin trading around 37k - down almost 50% from its all time high.

Alienote VS Bitcoin

“Alienote “ is a hypothetical investment of gold and silver that will force full disclosure of UFO/ UAP technology that already exists, but is hidden away by the powers that be.

You will believe in this investment to the extent at which the core of our current economy begins to fail and most people finally realize that the true value of real assets like gold and silver are and have always been the real backbone of all economies stretching back to our ancient past. Your faith in “Alienote” will also be based on how quickly exotic technologies like free energy and antigravity become a reality in our economy. The full release of UFO technology is necessary to make this happen.

Believe it or not it’s possible that the governments of the world are beginning to prepare us for this eventuality. Recently the US Navy has admitted that they have experienced flying craft that do seem to defy the laws of physics. (Refer to article above) They also claim that these craft are not ours. These anomalous aircraft do absolutely exist. But they may or may not be ours. There’s good long term evidence that suggests our governments could stage a fake Alien Attack , ( I will get into why the government would do this in a later article) which means they reverse engineered ufos from decades ago and are now putting them out there and are claiming that they don’t know much about them. The technology did come from Aliens but, if they (the Aliens) were going to attack us , it would have happened a long time ago. There’s a lot of deception that surrounds this subject in the interest of keeping the status quo.

Pic above: Antigravity craft believed to be reverse engineered from alien technology by our Government /(military complex)

Regarding how the economy and ufos are tied together, (To put it simply) When silver and gold really begin to spike to new all time highs , we are likely becoming much closer to full disclosure of UFOs and possibly the existence of Aliens. Why do I believe that the world economy is tied to Disclosure of UFO technology ? Because it’s all about control. As long as the current narrative that “everything is fine” with the economy , then the world elites are still in control. Forced disclosure of UFOs and Aliens is not the only thing that could derail the economy. There are macroeconomic problems that exist and will continue to exist, like world debt. Keep in mind that Gold is still in a 20 year long bull market even though most mainstream analysts constantly talk negatively about it.

True value of gold

Hint: Why is Gold used in electronic devices and space travel ? Do some research and understand that it’s not just a “pretty metal” used for jewelry. Aside from these current facts that most people refuse to consider, I’m going to speculate a bit. Considering that Gold is the most usable malleable precious metal that never corrodes , (*which means it will stay in a pristine state indefinitely), Is it reasonable to consider that maybe there are other physical properties of gold that haven’t been tapped into yet ? The density of gold could have a lot to do with it’s true potential as part of a free energy power source that needs no maintenance.

How rare is gold ?

Refer to article above

Being that Gold was created through the process of neutron star explosions, it is now well known that It’s extremely rare close to earths surface. So mining earths gold will end some day. And we will have to venture out into space to mine more.

True Value Of Silver

Although silver isn’t quite as sought after as gold, ( that could change very soon) it is still considered a precious metal. It has been used as money since antiquity and still is , but is also very useful. The next boom in solar technology and electric cars could drive silver price up a lot, based on real supply and demand, not to mention the pure investor demand for it as a cheaper alternative to gold, as real inflation starts to kick in.

As Bitcoin slowly moves downward from its all time highs, Watch for interest in Alienote

It is likely that Bitcoin will keep slipping if the total stock market starts falling over the longer term and Gold and Silver begin to show serious signs of life. I believe Bitcoins biggest problem is that it has no real usage, because there’s nothing there. It only has value because people are buying it. It’s kind of like owning shares of stock in a company but even owning stock is better than Bitcoin because technically you own a piece of that company. When you own a Bitcoin, you own a digital token that has a value based on total speculation. Let’s face it . You can’t even hold it in your hand !

Why Elon Musk has a vested interest in seeing Silver and Gold prices go down. Silver is used in green technology and gold is used in space exploration, which means the cheaper they become the more he will be able to use. This makes sense right ?! This is also why he’s helping pump up crypto currencies. Bitcoin and other cryptos are trying to take from gold and silvers market share. This is not likely to happen due to market forces that won’t be hidden much longer. Stock market at all time highs, Bitcoin near all time highs. Gold and Silver just getting started. And I haven’t even addressed our current political situation, which will also be long term bullish for Gold and Silver. A big reversal is coming soon.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how UFO disclosure is likely to play out - search “Full Disclosure Is Imminent “ inside


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