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The year of the coronavirus triggers the pharmaceutical companies on the stock market: Curevac rises 4,200% in 2020

BioNTech, Moderna and Novavax have risen more than 100% in the year

The year of the coronavirus triggers the pharmaceutical companies on the stock market: Curevac rises 4,200% in 2020
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The behavior of the stock prices during 2020 of the pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines against Covid-19 has been uneven since all the positive returns were concentrated in companies that have recently been listed on the Stock Market, while the consolidated laboratories saw their share price fall.

Specifically, of the main companies developing vaccines against Covid-19, returns have been concentrated in BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, and Curevac. Although their years of foundation vary and all have more than a decade of life, all, except Novavax, began to go public in the last two years.

On the contrary, the main laboratories involved in the creation of vaccines, with registrations on the Stock Market that far exceed 20 or 30 years, such as Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK, or Astrazeneca observed negative returns during 2020.

Thus, Pfizer registered practically flat growth during the past year. At the end of March 2020, when the pandemic generated panic in world financial markets, the drop in the price compared to December 31, 2019, reached 27.3%, to stand at $ 26.99. In fact, even the rebound in early December, when the price reached $ 42.56, did not exceed the stock market data observed in 2018.

On the contrary, its partner BioNTech registered a positive evolution, with an improvement in the Stock Market of up to 150% at the end of 2020. In fact, if you look at the peak of December 10, when the price reached its historical maximum of $ 129.54, the data is even higher, with an improvement over December 31, 2019, of 282%. The German company debuted on the markets in October 2019 and, since then, its shares have increased their price in the markets by six times.

Similarly, the evolution of Moderna's Nasdaq US electronic market has also been very positive, with an improvement of 470% for the year as a whole. At its peak on December 8, the return reached 768.4%, standing at $ 169.86 per share. The company debuted in the markets in 2018 and until 2020 it had not registered any trend of stable stock market increase.

The British laboratory AstraZeneca, which collaborates with the University of Oxford in the development of its vaccine against the disease, registered a fall of 2.71% during the whole of 2020. Despite the negative data, the company's price has recovered compared to March, when it accumulated a decrease since the beginning of the year of 18.22%. However, despite the negative data with which the year has closed, the price of the British firm has been in the range of all-time highs this year.

European pharmaceutical companies Sanofi and GSK performed even more negatively than AstraZeneca. The French company closed in 2020 with a drop of around 12% for the year as a whole, while the British company fell by almost 24%.

Of the large laboratories involved in the development of vaccines, only Johnson & Johnson closed the year with a stock market increase of more than 6%. In fact, since the March stock market crisis, its share price has improved by 40% and, in general, throughout 2020 the price was in a range of all-time highs compared to other years.

Novavax was one of the pharmaceutical companies with the best returns observed in 2020, with an increase of more than 2,870%. At the maximum peak recorded in August, the increase reached 4,385%, placing the price at 178.51 dollars. However, that price still stayed away from nearly $ 300 it posted in 2001.

On its side, Curevac was the one that performed the best in the markets. After debuting on the stock market in August, it quickly registered increases in its price, until it closed the year with a return of 4,200%. At its highs on December 9, the rise was more than 6.920%.

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