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The Truth Behind The 'Make Money Online' Niche

A little something I noticed...

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
The Truth Behind The 'Make Money Online' Niche
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Quick Facts

-Participating in the make money online niche can lead to the affectionally-named ‘make money online circle,’ or MMOC.

-This circle is fairly easy to escape from and when you do, you may find more and more meaning and satisfaction appearing in your life!


I don't usually make posts like this, and I am not someone who is quick to judge anything or anyone. However, I've noticed a couple of interesting things about the make money online (MMO) niche. Many interesting things, as a matter of fact.

This post isn't going to be an 'exposure' post, nor will I target any particular people, but I will tell you why and how it works (especially when combined with other niches that don't do so well), and I will give you the overarching concept of what's going on here!

So, grab your popcorn, and let's begin!

What Money Does To Our Brain

It doesn't take a scientific expert to figure out that anything that has to do with money, many of us are all eyes and ears.

If a YouTuber flashes their lambo on camera they'll most likely get a ton of views compared to another YouTuber who does not. This is because we've been valuing money (currency in particular) as a species for a long, long time.

But, did you know that the promise of money can active the 'risk-taking' part of our brain as well as the reward circuitry part of our brain? This means that if someone is really good at delivering a promise of a lot of money, they're activating primal parts of our brain that tell us, "just go for it. It'll work."

To me, that's a little deceitful! I understand that many MMO products and services are cheap nowadays, but it's the principle of the thing - promising people a ton of money by working online gets their hopes up, even if the 'guru' has no idea what they're talking about.

There are some people who genuinely understand how making money online works, and I'm quite grateful these people exist - they understand that it can be a struggle, a long process, something that doesn't happen overnight (at least, not usually). These people often help us succeed whereas the other kinds of people make their quick buck and often fade away.

Plus, Each Website Is Nice and Appealing

Yeah, I've yet to come across a money-making website that doesn't look like a lot of money was poured into it! Sometimes this is good, and a lot of the time, it's to prove a point. "Yeah, I can throw $10k into a website. That's because my program works! Buy it now!"

But take my website as an example - I spent no more than $150 for the Genesis framework and child theme that I'm using right now, and I gotta tell ya, it looks pretty darn nice! I didn't spend a ton of money or have a ton of developers look at it, I just found what I wanted and went for it.

The truth is, a lot of these people put on a face to get their point across, whether their product works or not. They play on primal reward circuitry (whether they know it or not) and they make money by doing so, sometimes by intentionally scamming their audience. This leads me to my next point...

But, Here's The Thing…

This is the meat and potatoes of the article, so I hope you're paying attention!

Whether or not we're scamming people or being 100% legitimate, there is a cycle I've dubbed the 'make money online circle,' or the MMOC, that we participate in whether we're the teacher or the learner!

Let's say we’re the teacher and that we’re being 100% authentic and genuine about making money online. We’re providing tips, resources, tools, programs, books, and/or plans for our audience to begin making money online all on their own. And, let’s say they’re working! A lot of people are finding success with our programs!

One thing to note, though, is that these “students” are probably going to enter the MMO niche right out of the get-go. And why wouldn’t they? It’s familiar, they see it works, and they have a pretty good idea about how to make the kind of content they need to succeed. However, this also means that they’ll emulate the teacher in many ways - they’ll provide tips, resources, tools, programs, books, and/or plans for their audience so they can begin making money from home!

Do you see the circle? Often enough, those who teach others how to MMO are teaching them to enter the MMO niche, which can be seen as a kind of “positive trap.” Positive in the sense that we’re making money and we’re learning how to survive, but a trap in the sense that we aren’t learning or teaching anything substantial beyond that.

Of course, some “students” take what they learn and apply it to other niches such as relationships or tech, thereby breaking the circle. However, some of us don’t break the circle and stay in the niche forever, and I almost feel sad for these people - they didn’t deserve the fate they found themselves in, and often, they’ll think it’s too late to turn back and start again.

So… Is The Whole Thing A Scam?

I’d like to clarify that, at the end of the day, this isn’t too big of a deal, unless you’re like me - someone who likes to learn and teach things that are deep and substantial. It can be a trap if you have other, better things you want to do in your life other than teaching others how to make money online, but if you don’t mind, then you simply don’t mind.

I suppose the whole thing can sound like a scam, even if you’re doing it extremely authentically. After all, if all you’re doing is selling products to other people so they can learn how to sell products to other people, then it kind of sounds like a glorified pyramid scheme! On the other hand, you can view the MMO niche as a place to learn and grow your marketing skills. You can take what they have to say into account as you continue to grow and thrive in your life.

Personally, I don’t think the entire idea itself is a scam unless the person selling their products is a scammer themselves. I definitely don’t want to write for this niche as I feel I have better things to write about, however, that comes down to personal preference, it’s not a conscious avoidance. Do you feel me? :)

What We Can Do!

Let’s say you’re knee-deep in the MMO niche, whether you’re a teacher, student, or student aspiring to be an MMO teacher. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which one you believe yourself to be!

First, I recommend you read the meat and potatoes again, and second, I want you to realize that you’re more than the money you make through the internet. You have dreams, goals, hobbies, friends, likes and dislikes, beliefs, and perspectives! When we’re operating in the MMO niche, it can be easy to forget all of that and judge ourselves by the numbers we see coming in (or not coming in) every month. I’ve made that mistake before, and I certainly don’t want to see you do it! Go ahead and pursue whatever else you want to pursue whether that be travel, reading, exercising, you name it. That’ll help you get out of the circle and live your life the way you truly want to on another level!

Also, you can view my $19.99 pamphlet on how you can actually make money online. I’m going to increase the price soon, so go ahead and buy it now!


Final Thoughts

Making money while I’m writing about the things I’m writing about isn’t easy, however, I find much more meaning from it than writing about relationships or money, even though I’m knowledgeable in both subjects. Sometimes it’s tempting to join the pack and do what they do since they make a lot of money, but I’m going to stick to the path I’m on and keep going since this is where I want to go!


Thank you for reading my article, I truly appreciate it! I’ll see you in the next one :)


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