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The 13 Wealth Commandments That Help You To Make 30k A Month

Wealth, like the commandments in the Bible, has its own set of rules that govern us.

By AndeutPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

These wealth commandments will help you live in abundance while also dictating how to obtain and maintain it. Stay tuned to find out how many commandments there are, because I think you’ll be surprised at how easy some of them are to follow.

1. You must give more value than you receive.

Wealth and riches are separated by a wide chasm, and to be wealthy, you must invest more than you take out. I don’t just mean in monetary terms, but in all of the factors that contribute to our wealth. The corporate world is strange, and if you build other people’s lives automatically at the end of the day, you’ll have put your own life on the path to success.

Yeah! Sure, you’ve heard of people who went on to exploit others in order to increase their own wealth, but tell me, are those people happy and satisfied with their wealth?

This is a clear distinction between wealth and riches.

Wealth is measured by how much you’ve contributed rather than how much money you have in your pockets. You can be the richest person on the planet, but you can’t buy happiness at a thrift store.

As a result, you must be critical when determining what you want in life. Is it better to say wealth or riches?

2. You must make and stick to a budget.

You’ve heard far too many times how important it is to create a budget.

So, why haven’t you started creating and sticking to a budget on a regular basis?

It is critical to have a workable budget in place if you want to achieve your financial goals. Examine your income versus your outgoings. Sometimes you only have a small amount to save. Alternatively, you could end up with no savings at all. You will need to be mindful of your spending habits and eliminate any unnecessary spending. Keep only necessary purchases and save the rest to ensure that you’re on track to meet your financial goals.

3. You must live an integral life.

The third commandment of wealth requires us to be completely sincere and integral. According to research, the most profitable business ventures are illegal. Alternatively, it may entail deception, extortion, and forgery of documents. When seeking wealth, we should avoid such transactions at all costs because it is preferable to sleep soundly at night than to have millions in your account but no peace of mind. Your principles are the only thing that will keep you from wealth and success. If you aren’t principled, you’ll take any deal without thinking about the important factors. Customers are drawn in by your diligence and honesty; don’t be fooled into thinking that shady deals will keep your business afloat; even if they do, things will eventually fall apart.

The golden rule of life is simple: if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

4. You must decide on a financial goal.

You can’t get to the treasure without a map, a strategy, and some tools. This is analogous to achieving a financial goal. It’s not enough to have a mental image that simply says, “I want to be successful.” You’re pretty much stuck unless you have a clear idea of where you’re going. In order to make your financial journey easier, make it a habit to set goals and write down how you’ll get there, as well as who you’ll need to support you. If you’re married, you should think about making a plan with your spouse. This will result in better alignment in your efforts to achieve the set goal. You’ll know which assets to buy first and which to put off until later.

Don’t forget to start thinking about a retirement savings account as soon as possible.

5. Thou shalt be brave

Nothing in life is possible unless you have self-belief and courage. When you begin to doubt yourself, even for a moment, you are on the verge of failing. Given our social nature, it may be difficult for some to strike out on their own in search of wealth. This is a poor man’s mindset, however, because we don’t need anyone to pursue our wealth dreams.

You’re good to go as long as you have a well-thought-out plan and believe in yourself. We all have unique fingerprint imprints, just as we all have unique and different ideologies. As a result, only you need to understand the image in your head.

6. You must make well-thought-out and well-informed investment decisions.

If you rely solely on investment advice from family and friends, you will become trapped in pyramid schemes and failed investments. Don’t get me wrong: think about those suggestions. However, do your homework when it comes to researching them. Determine whether they are legitimate business ventures. Another factor to consider is how sustainable these suggestions are in the long run. This will protect your investment portfolio by limiting you to investments that are only aligned with your objectives.

7. You will be disciplined.

Only those who are self-disciplined can achieve wealth. Otherwise, you’ll be slipping between social classes. Discipline is essential in everything we do, and once we understand this, tasks will be much easier to complete. Wealth is a balanced perspective on all aspects of one’s life, from daily routines to sleeping habits. A disciplined person will accomplish far more than a talented person. So, even if you are gifted, you must put in the effort and stick to the plan. Procrastination is the number one killer of wealth, and once we get entangled in that yolk, it will be difficult to escape the inevitable. Wealth only comes to those who seek it, and there is no such thing as instant wealth; it takes a lot more effort to achieve it.

8. You must keep your debts under control.

Too much debt is a recipe for financial disaster. Whether the debt is necessary or not. Even for minor credit card purchases, you should keep an eye on your debt. Because, in the end, these small debts add up quickly and stymie your financial progress.

While you devote all of your time and resources to paying them.

Make a point of living within your means and letting go of the desire for instant gratification. Isn’t it true that delayed gratification, in whatever form it takes, tastes better than immediate gratification?

9. You must abstain from conspicuous consumption.

Most of us make the mistake of forgetting ourselves when we begin to close in on wealth and begin admiring a better lifestyle with more vacations and outings. What we don’t consider is the effect such spending will have on our wealth.

Those who have become wealthy are living proof that they had to live within their means and even sacrifice more of their time to do things that would eventually guarantee them ultimate wealth. The media has conditioned us to associate wealth with flashy cars, lavish homes, and exhilarating vacations.

Don’t be deceived, and stay on track. Once you’ve achieved financial independence, you’ll be able to enjoy the spoils of wealth. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of legitimately wealthy people live modestly and invest more for a better future.

10. You must create supportive environments.

To make the road to wealth easier, you must first create a conducive environment for ease of operation. Whatever you’ve planned must be carried out at the time specified to complete the task. It’s human nature to want to abandon plans you’ve already made, and the only way to avoid this is to have a support system in place to help you get back on track.

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you to succeed. You should also include things in your daily routines that will motivate you to follow through on your plans. Life is full of sideshows that can deviate you from your path, and having supportive people around you can help you avoid unnecessary distractions.

11. You must prioritize your own voice over all others.

We’ve all heard the heartbreaking tales of people who believed in financial fairy tales. There are those who promise you a profit of up to 3000 percent on stocks. All you have to do is send a certain amount and sit back on your couch while they do the heavy lifting. A few weeks later, as you anxiously check in to see how things are going, you discover that you have fallen into a conman’s trap. You’ve lost most, if not all, of your money. Worse, you’ve squandered a significant amount of your time doing nothing. These depressing stories all have the same ending: “the deal was too good to be true.” I can assure you that no one, no bank, has a simple solution to a complex problem.

Don’t be taken in by promises of easy money and no work, because the laws of finance do not work that way. You must work before you can be paid. You continue to work hard for a set period of time in order to be paid while you sleep. And then there’s the matter of paying employees who work while you’re sleeping. Keep in mind that it takes money to make money.

12. Thou shalt be frugal but not unhappy.

We could call this a financial dieting program in which you give up tasty junk foods in exchange for healthier foods while still allowing yourself a cheat day or two to maintain your happiness. Because giving up everything all at once would leave you feeling distressed, unhappy, and unable to continue with the diet. That is also true for financial freedom, where saving more and spending less isn’t always the best solution. You must find a way to get around the system and spend less money without sacrificing your quality of life.

Canceling all date nights with your wife in order to save money may result in a larger bank balance. You will, however, have an unhappy spouse who tolerates the habit but can’t stand it. Do you think that’s a reasonable trade-off? Probably not, because who wants a dissatisfied wife? You could prepare an appetizer at home before going out to eat. Then, on the date, eat your main course and skip dessert, which you’ll enjoy later at home with dimmed lights and a romantic setting. You’ll be smiling all the way to the bank, and your better half will love you even more for striking such a good balance.

13. You are to work as little as possible.

Have you ever considered what you’d do if you won the lottery? I’m sure some of your responses include things like debt repayment, taking care of your parents, vacations, and even donating more. Did you know you can accomplish all of this without ever winning the lottery?

My point is that you gain a better understanding of what you’d be doing with your life if money wasn’t an impediment.

You’ll be exhausted, just like at work, if you choose jobs that are only for money.

You must take the risk of choosing a path that is fulfilling for you even if it does not pay well. So, in this context, work means doing something that you must do.

It’s not what you want to do, but it’s necessary to put food on the table. If you had another choice, you would most likely not be doing the aforementioned work. My parting shot is that since we spend so much of our lives trying to figure out how to make ends meet, I dare you not to work. Look for things that will bring you joy and delight.

And figure out how to make money off of it.

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