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Maybe This Time Silver Will Pull Gold Up

by Paul Guadagno 2 months ago in economy · updated 20 days ago
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New Trading Dynamic

I first noticed this in May

Update: October 3, 2022

I don't typically like to say I told you so, but look what is happening to the silver and gold prices ! In all fairness my prediction was that this kind of action will keep happening over the longer term. So let's keep our eyes peeled on precious metals and I will keep updating with the most current information.


The chart above shows an interesting reversal between how gold and silver trade in relation to each other. It's usually gold that pulls silver back up after both get hit hard. Maybe this time silver will help pull gold back up.

Recent article confirms this new dynamic

Above, is the most recent article that could confirm a long term market move that originally began back in May of 2022.

This could be a new dynamic forming between the Silver and Gold prices. Right now Silver is showing a very strong reversal higher while the Gold price is still slipping.

My contention is that Gold will still remain strong in the longer term, but for now , there could be a much stronger rally In Silver. It may have to do with the fact that it's also an industrial metal . And from what I understand, there will be stronger demand for silver along with some other rare earth metals , to be used in industry. And of course, silvers monetary demand will also stay very strong.

Regarding the gold price going down in the current environment, There could be a more apparent reason for this to happen. Some money coming out of gold could finally be going directly into silver now, And with more people realizing that Bitcoin is just not performing, there could be a lot of cash on the sidelines just waiting for the next big performer. If Silver starts taking off with nothing else performing, it could go through the roof !

I want to reiterate a statement I wrote recently in another article. "The same forces that have been holding down gold and silver will be the ones to force them much higher ".

I believe this is just beginning.

Consider the article below :

Recent article on Kitco Gold site

Jamie Dimon is a known silver market manipulator. Now, here he is beating up Bitcoin. That sounds to me like someone that wants to force the Silver price much higher.

If JP Morgan Chase has the power to hold down the price of silver, then they also have the power to push it higher !

Consider how silver has moved quickly off a 52 week low recently. (About a few weeks ago). To really see what Im talking about, look at the 30 day chart.

It definitely looks like the Jamie Dimon article above and what's going on with the silver price could be directly related.

I guess the bigger question is, will this new trading dynamic remain in place for a while ? Look for Bitcoin to keep falling and Silver to keep rising. Gold seems to have very limited downside at this point.

The silver price going up also makes a lot of sense if you consider the "Gold to Silver price ratio " that has been way off of its norm for years.

Getting back to gold for a minute, consider the recent article below :

Extreme long term outlook for Gold price

Even if gold did a fraction of this $50,000 price outlook, it's still way more than what the mainstream is projecting. You have to consider every possibility when it comes to how our world economy works. Never say never ! If Bitcoin could hit almost $70k , then Gold could certainly hit an extreme high of what's projected above. The only difference is , if that happened it would be based on reality, not fantasy.

I understand why people are still "fantasy " investing. It's all about making quick money 💰. But it's not based on reality. And it doesn't help the real economy . Think about it ! All of that money shoved into over valued stocks and Bitcoin for the last 10 years should be reallocated to "physically" growing our economy. This would be true stable long term growth that most people would benefit from. Not just a few new millionaires here and there.

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Thank you

Update November 2022 :

Bitcoin is now trading around 17k and is not rebounding with the stock market

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