How to Choose Best Mutual Fund App for Investment

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Let's choose the best mutual fund app for the investments.

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The initial questions that ought to jump at you are,

Are you looking for a mutual fund investment platform? or a wholesome investment experience?

Are you looking for a team to fall back on?

The mutual fund sector has a lot of apps for investment; hence selecting the right app or the best mutual fund app gets tricky.

If you decide on an app which can give a wholesome experience then selecting the app gets ways simpler. Piggy, Coin, Paytm money, Groww and other such go out of the window as they are just direct investment platforms.

The best mutual fund app can be debatable so selecting the app which is right for you and offers everything an investor is looking for is the ideal app. There is an app which provides the answer to the below important questions for the investor,

• App which provides expert guidance and research for investing?

• App is backed by a broking / financial services company?

• Not just a platform for fund investing?

The app which is completely investor-centric is – Investica

Investica, is offered by Choice Broking which is part of the financial conglomerate Choice Group. Investica was created with the vision to provide a “Complete Mutual Fund”.

Let’s see what Investica offers in terms of features,

Direct and Regular Mutual Fund Investment

Usually the companies which offer just platforms tie-up with 3rd party research providers. The research is the same for everyone and there is not customization.

Investica has a world class research team which offers specialized investment advice. Whether you choose to do invest directly or use the regular plan the research is available with the app.

Secondly, the “platform” offering companies are just technology companies so can’t call them or get specialized advice. They are not brokerage firms.

As mentioned above, Investica is backed by a brokerage firm which has been in the industry for more than 26 years and has an experienced management team. With Investica, you have a team to fall back on.


India’s first Robo – Advisor. Investica is changing the game by offering an automated financial planner and advisor. The OPTIMO takes some details and gives out a detailed investment plan. This is the new paradigm of investing.

This financial report is provided for free.

The report is divided into:

1. Insurance Planning

2. Expense Management & Emergency Fund

3. Asset Analysis

4. Retirement & Goal Planning

Goal Planning

The need to plan goals for investments can be overstated. Investica offers a full-fledged goal planning module and in a few simple steps you can already be on the way.

Car? International vacation? Overseas education? Take your pick, enter the timeline and Investica suggest the SIP amount. Choose your risk capacity and start.


You can instantly withdraw upto Rs.50,000 invested in liquid funds. Think of this feature as an ATM at the time of emergency. The amount is directly credited to your bank account whenever you request for it.


Investica offers curated ready-to-invest baskets. Wealth Builder, Tax Saviour, Digital India, Consumption story and many more such baskets with top performing schemes that can secure your financial future.

The minimum SIP amount is mentioned, all one has to do is select the basket suitable for him and start.

External Fund Tracking

With Investica, you can track any funds that were invested without Investica.

Automatic Rebalancing

This sophisticated feature monitors your portfolio 24x7 and suggests any changes to optimize your portfolio. It can help one get higher returns.

These and many more such thoughtful features make Investica, a”Complete Mutual Fund App”. We can agree that a complete app which offers everything that an investor needs is the Best Mutual Fund App!

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