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How do i earn more money after disaster?

Don't you want to earn money after disaster?

Do you know how thick it is to fold a piece of paper 100 times?

If this is a very large piece of paper, it can be folded in half as many times as possible. With 80g offset paper as a ratio, his standard thickness is 0.0766 mm. Each time you fold in half, the thickness of this piece of paper will double, but you may not think of the following results:

When this paper is folded in half 23 times, its thickness is 642 meters, far exceeding the height of the Eiffel Tower in France (324 meters).

When this paper is folded in half 27 times, its thickness is 10,281 meters, which exceeds the height of Mount Everest (8844 meters).

When this piece of paper is folded 38 times, its thickness is 21,000 kilometers, which is more than the diameter of the earth (13,000 kilometers).

When this piece of paper is folded 43 times, its thickness is 674,000 kilometers, which exceeds the distance between the earth and the moon (380,000 kilometers).

When this piece of paper is folded 51 times, its thickness is 172 million kilometers, which exceeds the distance between the earth and the sun (150 million kilometers).

When this paper is folded 58 times, its thickness is 22.08 billion kilometers, which is more than the diameter of the solar system (12 billion kilometers).

When this paper is folded in 84 times, its thickness is 157,000 light-years, which is more than the diameter of the Milky Way (100,000 light-years).

When this piece of paper is folded in 100 times, its thickness is 10.26 billion light years, and the limit radius of the universe detected by modern scientists is about 15 billion light years.

When this piece of paper is folded 102 times, its thickness is 41.05 billion light years, which is more than the diameter of the total galaxy (30 billion light years).

Why does a thin piece of paper have an unimaginable thickness after being folded many times?

Behind this phenomenon is a very great theory;compound interest.

There are three sentences that describe compound interest like this

The first sentence is: "Compound interest is called the eighth wonder of the world, and its power even exceeds the atomic bomb";

The second sentence is: "Compound interest is the greatest invention of mankind";

The third sentence is: "Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe";

Although these three sentences sound exaggerated, they show the power of compound interest.

1. What is the compound interest effect?

Compound interest: It is a method of calculating interest and an important concept in modern financial management. According to this method, in addition to calculating interest based on the principal, the newly acquired interest can also generate interest。 The resulting increase in wealth is called the "compound interest effect". As long as the interest calculation cycle is denser, the faster the wealth growth will be, and the longer the term, the compound interest effect will become more obvious.

The formula for compound interest is: F=P(1+i)^n

Among them: F = future income; P = principal; i = interest rate; n = holding period

Assuming that the annual rate of return of investment is 100% and the principal is 100,000, if it is calculated only according to ordinary interest, the annual return is only 100,000 yuan, and it is only 1 million yuan in 10 years. The overall wealth growth is only 10 times, but according to the compound interest method, The first year's return is 100,000 yuan, making the overall personal wealth 200,000, 200,000 in the second year, 400,000, and 4.4 million in the third year, 800,000 yuan, and the cumulative increase in 10 years will be as high as 1024 times (2 of 2 10th power), which means that the principal of 100,000 yuan will eventually become 102.4 million yuan.

2. Application of compound interest effect in wealth management

For investors in the stock market, compound interest is to reinvest the profits obtained to form profit-generating returns. Compound interest is an indispensable weapon for investor success. If you can persist in long-term investment, you must learn to use the power of compound interest.

The best example of understanding compound interest thinking in the field of wealth accumulation is Buffett. Everyone knows that Buffett was once the richest man in the world, and even now, he is still the top ten in the global rich list. But few people know that 99% of Buffett's wealth was acquired after he was 50 years old. In other words, before the age of 50, he may be just like us, an ordinary middle class. After 50, he enters a period of wealth explosion. Since Mr. Buffett was 27 years old (that is, he has a performance record since 1957), his annual compound interest is 20.5%, which is to use the power of compound interest to achieve wealth growth. Buffett said: "Life is like a snowball. The key is to find enough wet snow and a long enough slope."

Most people always think of getting rich overnight, pursuing the fastest accumulation of wealth in the shortest time, and pursuing an excessively high rate of return. A high rate of return means a high risk rate. Being deceived, losing money, and having high debts has killed one ordinary person after another. The real wise man pursues steady growth in wealth and balances the rate of return and time.

Buffett is a master. We are all ordinary people. How can we use compound interest to increase wealth?

Most people are afraid to buy more than 10% of wealth management products at the moment, and there are too many bloody reports. What's more, it is not only simple interest, let alone 20.5% compound interest. Wealth compound interest is not only a mathematical formula, but also a powerful way of thinking.

There is a website you can calculate the compound interest:

For example, if you put 600 dollars in annual interest If you deposit $600 in an account with 10% interest every month, you will receive $1,356,293 in 30 years.

let set 600 deposit monthly in30years and 10% interest

it's easy to say it climb to the moon

Finally, in 3o years of 10% interest, with 21600 dollars deposits, earn 1,140,293 dollars.but how ,how can i find and interest over 10%.

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