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Gold, Bitcoin, Stock Market ?

by Paul Guadagno 9 months ago in investing · updated 3 months ago
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Micro version of Alienote

Jan. 23, 2022 Update

Why Bitcoin will keep falling

Most of the money pumped into Bitcoin to get it to the current price level was very big money that came into the asset as soon as Biden came into office. Remember how fast it moved up from 10k to 50 and 60k. That occurred jan of last year. Think about what has happened since then. Don't expect more "big money" to save Bitcoin. The big money is now getting out of it.

Jan. 23 2022 update: just a 5 months after this article was originally published - Bitcoin is down to trading around 35k.

February 5 2020 update - This quick price jump up to $41k is a suckers ralley. Bitcoin will keep falling longer term.

This article was originally published a good while ago. Im now adding to it, to point out that some of the statements have turned out to be true. Refer to Bitcoins current price around 43k - well off the high of about $69k and decide for yourself.

You guys and gals are really not getting whats about to happen. Mark my words, there will be a huge shift by the end of 2021.

If you think Bitcoin is heading back up to 100k from here, just because Bloomberg said so, by all means, keep buying it.

The more you buy Bitcoin and sell Gold, the more we become slaves to a false narrative. And the longer it will take to force out the ultimate truth. If Bitcoin is so great, why does it trade like a penny stock ?

Also when you see news that says Gold and Bitcoin will go up together, nothing could be further from the truth.

Refer to:

Bitcoin and Gold will not go up together over long term !

Watch Gold and Bitcoin trade together closely, and you will see they trade opposite on the largest moves. Bitcoin is a risk asset !! Gold is a true safe haven ! So, as long as the Fed can make it look like everything is ok , the stock market and Bitcoin will keep going up.

The more the performance of Gold and Bitcoin deverge from eachother the more that reality is truly setting in.

You have to know that these fake crypto currencies aren’t living up to their original promises, and the only thing driving the price up off the bottom is paranoid buying by big money that’s desperate to restart another big rally , so they can sell out closer to the old top. The way it looks right now, it’s more likely that move from 30k to 46k could be a bear market rally. I guess we will see what happens from here.


Statement added 1/15/2022

So, let's talk about what happened after the above was published. Bitcoin did have a run up to $69k. It was fast and furious but didn't get anywhere close to the 100k Bloomberg was calling for. So anyone that held their Bitcoin, thinking it was going even higher, are probably now sitting at a loss if they decided to buy in closer to the old highs.


There will come a time in the near future when sales of Bitcoin will go directly into gold because these people that just wanted to make a quick buck on cryptos will see the true long term value of Gold.

Mainstream news will never admit to this !

Keep your eyes peeled for the next “Black Swan Event”. It will make COVID look like a walk in the park. Im NOT talking about this new Delta Variant, or Afganastan eruption. The next fabricated emergency could send the country into complete kaos !

With gold and silver still selling down under the current economic conditions with natural and artificial threats that are very strategically hidden away from the general public, It’s obvious most people are still living in a world where everything is fine and there is no worry about what could happen in the near future, according to the stock market.


Statement added 1/15/2022

Gold and Silver sales have since become a lot stronger but prices are still far from what reality dictates. So we still have a long way to go on the upside. The same goes for "Alienote ". I still think it's a good idea but there needs to be a lot more mainstream interest in making UFO technology a reality in our economy before it will work.


Micro version of Alienote 🛸

Alienote micro version

This version of Alienote is a physical note infused with authentic iron meteorite dust and laminated. Iron meteorite shavings (dust) are from Iron Meteorites that have been collected over the last 25 years. Iron meteorites are believed to have originated from the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Let’s think about Alienote as a novelty purchase. Im not making money on this (it’s a wash). Sales are used to generate interest.

Just so everyone knows where I’m coming from. My goal is to spread larger awareness of the UFO / UAP reality to the general public.

This micro version of Alienote is being offered to help measure the interest of UFOs and Aliens within the mainstream public. (No longer available)

This is beneficial for you if you are a true believer in The UFO / UAP / Alien Presence. These nominal sales will be a measure of how many people currently believe in the ultimate reality of UFOs and Aliens on Earth.

Why should you care ? We are on the verge of a paradigm shift of technology. Like I said in my earlier articles, this technology already exists. It’s just a matter of forcing it into the public eye.

If you’re interested in seeing Full UFO / Alien Disclosure in your lifetime you will care about Alienote. 🛸. Full version will be backed by solid gold.


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