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Best Affiliate Earning System of 2023

the Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System

By Mick Tatia Published 4 months ago 4 min read

Best Affiliate Earning System of 2023!!!

June 1, 2023 12:15am, SFI President & Founder, Gery Carson, announced the new, simpler, and more lucrative, SFI Share-Tech™ system.

The Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System is the world's first fully-dynamic and growth flow-optimized affiliate profit sharing system—designed and developed at SFI—exclusively for SFI affiliates! Profit-sharing is now in the front and center of our affiliate system!!

In the President’s words, “I can't wait until everybody has learned about our new Executive Affiliate rank, the new Executive Pack, and how Share-Tech™ offers every affiliate a GUARANTEED MONTHLY INCOME with SFI!”

Meet the Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System

According to the SFI President:

Through Share-Tech™, almost everything about SFI has dramatically been simplified. Layers of complexity have been removed in favor of a highly-focused and streamlined system. There are now just two primary ranks…Affiliate and Executive Affiliate. However, there are some additional “VIP” ranks for go-getters, but let’s focus on the rank of Executive Affiliate (EA) right now.

“Going Executive” requires ONE thing—the purchase or sale of something new, the Executive Pack (E-Pack). The price of an E-Pack is just $19.95 and comes with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or your money back!

“Going Executive” also means you’ve staked out a position in SFI’s major new profit-sharing program…which, for the first time ever, includes a guaranteed monthly income! You heard right! If you’re EA, you’re now earning money with SFI…every month!

That’s just the first of several amazing benefits that Share-Tech™ deliverers. Let’s explore another one of the juiciest: …

Share-Tech™ is built around a network structure that limits every person's first level to just 5 affiliates. That means that if anyone in your upline recruits more than 5 PSAs, they’ll get pushed down the network to the first available open slot in the network—which could of course be under YOU—which can add to YOUR monthly earnings!

Some call this feature “spillover,” and that’s an accurate description because you can now directly benefit from the efforts of your upline as it “waterfalls down the network.” As your upline members build…YOU can automatically share in their results!

Of course, it works both ways. They’re helping you and you’re helping them. This is business synergy at it’s best! Learn more about how this amazing feature of Share-Tech™ by signing up for free HERE.

Here are four more great features you immediately avail yourself to as an Executive Affiliate:

1. Earn up to $15 on every EA on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels…even if you didn’t directly refer them to SFI (i.e. “spillover”)!

2. Earn up to $30 each month on every PSA!

3. Earn up to $18.75 each month on every CSA!

4. Full access to our pro business optimization tools like Hit Tracking, Key Codes, and more!

Going EA gets you all of that! Yet this isn’t even the detailed amazing new E-Pack!...Interested? Register >>HERE<< for free to find out what an E-Pack really is!!!

As noted above, to qualify as an EA and get all the Share-Tech™ benefits, you just need to buy or sell a minimum of one Executive Pack (E-Pack for short).

And what’s really, really powerful is that no experience is necessary! Anyone can now join SFI, go EA (for just $19.95), and be actively building their business through the E-Pack’s built-in advertising co-op!

The E-Pack also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction—so there's also NO RISK! That all by itself could be a game-changer.

Another reason Share-Tech™ rocks is that it embraces having multiple family members as individual SFI affiliates—even if your child, parent, spouse, or other family member lives at the same address as you. In fact, thanks to the synergic features of Share-Tech™, collaborating and working together can be highly productive. And since it’s just $19.95 to hold the Executive Affiliate rank and a position in the Share-Tech™ network, it’s also affordable.

And, of course, with thousands of affiliates going EA with the E-Pack every month, the potential for synergistic growth, success, and great incomes in SFI is, well—let’s just say above imagination!!

Consider collaborating with friends, co-workers, and business associates too.

Here's how to get up to speed and get started with all the new stuff:

1. Sign up on SFI for free >>>HERE<<<,

2. Take time and acquaint yourself with the SFI website information to familiarize yourself with it,

3. Read the detailed announcement of the Share-Tech™ Profit Sharing System on the Forum HERE,

4. Check out the new Benefits Chart and Compensation Plan, and

5. To make an order for your E-Pack, click >>HERE<<.

So let's get started!!

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