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Earn free USDT from the App

By Mick Tatia Published 12 months ago 4 min read


Finding and Accessing the App

  • Go to google play store;
  • Type 3C digital at the search on top;
  • On the list brought out, click on the 3C digital leasing application, and install.
  • After the installation, open the application; click on sign up – put in your mobile number, password, repeat password, the invite code (accessing this platform is members invite only) and put in the number that appears as a verification code, and then sign up.

Working on the App

On the homepage, the name of the app is 3C digital leasing. This means you are basically leasing products like in a digital real estate. In it, you can buy products (e.g. headphones, shoes etc.) like a property owner on the internet and lease them out. There are however two major ways of making money on the app – from the products on the app and from team building on it.

With the products business, you can buy any product and lease them out. The products are grouped under ‘Ordinary Products’ and ‘Upgraded products’. So when you buy products and lease them out, it will show you your daily earnings for a period of time, which, if summed up for the number of days in that period, provides a good amount of profit. You can even start this with very little amount of money by choosing and leasing products costing a few dollars.

For the team building, when you click on the team’s nob, a team page will open, showing the invite code and the invite link for building up your team. At the top right opposite the invite code and link will be shown an information on level (LV) 1, 2 and 3 commissions percentage amounts. This page will also indicate you the levels 1, 2 and 3 team sizes and team income amounts.

In building your team, you can use social media (facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.) strategies that are effective in team building. You can chart with your friends and followers, and send the interested ones your invite link. The moment a person signs up, you will be rewarded in your country currency. So you can essentially raise some money by inviting people to the platform (if you may be lacking money for leasing products on the platform) and invest the money in leasing products right in the platform. If inviting people is a bit stressful to you, then you can opt to deposit some little money on the platform and invest it right there.

In making deposits on the platform, you can go to homepage, click on deposit money and you’ll see various amounts in your own currency among which you can select for your deposit, or you can decide to deposit a customized amount, typed in the space below the set figures. Then you have the option of paying through your local bank cards or your USDT wallet. After setting your deposit amount and choosing your deposit option, you can then click on ‘Deposit Now’, to finalize your deposit.

For withdrawals, you can withdraw your money to your local bank account or your USDT wallet (e.g. on


Be careful with the commitment you’ll make to this app – be careful with the guarantee of business on it, which I hereby disclaim. How long this platform will last is not my assurance. But the registration of the business is legitimate, which you also need to further determine. At the moment, it pays money due to its clients – this you can take opportunity of.

If you are conservative to invest your money on the platform, you can choose the option of starting with inviting people and building a team on the platform. Here you will need to employ effective team building approaches in order to be successful. On the other hand if you are a risk taker and require a quicker approach, then you can deposit some money to invest in the product leasing business.

If you have read this article till this point and feel you could try this business out, I would recommend for you to >>CLICK HERE<< to check it out. The link is most suitable for mobile applications, so you could best use your smart phone. Thank you and best regards.


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