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8 Activities You Can Perform From Your Couch To Win Extra Bucks

by Bryan Stormyweather 3 days ago in personal finance

Do this in your free time only

8 Activities You Can Perform From Your Couch To Win Extra Bucks
Photo by Nelly Antoniadou on Unsplash

Are you ready to discover a few methods you can earn money from the comfort of your couch?

Let's start...

Make money online from surveys

Although they do not necessarily earn extraordinarily much, some people enjoy the money from the polls.

There are many applications and online platforms that offer money to complete opinion polls. The most popular questions are about consumption and buying habits. 

However, since you don't invest more than a few minutes, you can get your coffee money!

Sell domains and sites online

If we were talking about transactions, here is another somewhat more unconventional trading idea. If you know SEO and have good intuition, you can be very successful in selling domains and sites online. This technique can bring you thousands of euros a month.

What you have to do is buy domains online that would have great chances to be bought at some point, in terms of name. Large companies are willing to pay a lot for an area they especially want.

There are also portals on which you can sell such sites and domains. An example is

Test products and perform tasks

Another effective way to make money online is through user testing platforms. Example:

These platforms pay you to check out various sites and express your opinion on ease of operation. You also get various things to look out for when accessing their sites.

You don't make a lot of money from this activity, but you don't have to have any skills either.

Sell on Pinterest

Few people know that money can be made from Pinterest. Most use this app to find interesting photos and get inspired. However, Pinterest is huge e-commerce.

How do you make money online from Pinterest? Simple: testing products that you later present there, associating a link. It's also a kind of affiliate marketing, but with a very high success rate!

Sell greeting cards online

If you can choose the perfect greeting cards for various occasions, then you might make good money online from greeting cards.

When choosing to do this, it is best to focus on a specific market segment that is of interest for such marketing products. For example, you can prepare greeting cards for healthcare professionals who want to thank patients for choosing their clinic.

Makes and sells handmade products

More and more people are buying handmade products online. From personalized christening kits and candles to magnets, lichen paintings, and even children's books, photo albums, and pacifier chains, everything that can be personalized attracts.

And after all, why not?

Unique things are much more valuable and appreciated than those that can be easily made in factories.

Personalized gifts

Whether you do something or have a flair for choosing gifts, you can sell your services online. Maybe you are very good at understanding human psychology and then you can offer advice in selecting the best gifts for your loved ones.

Or maybe you like to beautifully pack products. In any case, this field is increasingly sought after! Many people would like to have someone else take care of the gifts in their hands!

Review music online for money

Finally, if you want to be paid to listen to music, find out that this is also possible! There are platforms like that are willing to pay you if you give them a review in return.

What they want is to listen to certain artists and say how much you liked them and if you see a future for them.


It has never been easier to find out how to make money online. If you have some free time or if you are looking for financial freedom then it's time to think about what you want.

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