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5 Best Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online in 2023!

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

By Ewa PatokaPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
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👉1. Find Your Niche

You should definitely consider areas you like and identify with the most. But it’s possible that are interested in various niches, so thinking about market trends can help you a lot when you need to choose a niche.

Think about your skills and hobbies, because this way you’ll be able to promote a product you’re familiar with.

Moreover, using Google Trends and checking out sought-after topics on the internet can be very useful. That way, you’ll be able to understand if the area you’re planning to work on, can indeed be profitable.

Pay careful attention! We’re not saying here that if you choose an area that isn’t trending, you won’t make sales.

Your sales depend on how you advertise and to whom your marketing actions are directed. So, even if your niche isn’t huge, you can make money as an affiliate with the right steps and a well-engaged audience.

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👉2. Start A Blog Or YouTube Channel

A blog and a YouTube channel are completely different, not just because one is writing and one is shooting videos.

But each of them is different in terms of SEO, conversions, time, and cost. Blogging vs. YouTube Videos

➙ Competition — the SEO competition on YouTube is often less than on Google.

➙ Ownership — you own your blog, you don’t own YouTube (or their policies).

➙ SEO Traffic — it takes longer to get SEO traffic to a blog than to YouTube.

➙ Cost — YouTube is free, blogs require a domain, hosting, development costs, etc.

➙ Content Updates — it’s easier to update a blog post than to remake a video.

➙ Coupon Codes — YouTube is great if your affiliates let you use coupon codes.

➙ Time — it takes longer to set up a blog, but starter templates have made this easier.

➙ Expectations — in your niche, do people prefer watching videos or reading articles?

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👉 3. Pick a good Affiliate program

It’s no use learning all about online sales if you aren’t part of a good Affiliate program. This is because it’s in the program

that you’ll find all the necessary tools to boost your sales, and, of course, the products you’re going to promote.

There are several online platforms that have an affiliate program, so it can be difficult to choose which one fits you the best.

To help you, here are the key features a good Affiliate program needs to have:

➙ 1. A large number of registered digital products;

➙ 2. Good commissions;

➙ 3. The possibility to sell anywhere in the world;

➙ 4. Easy to find products that suit you;

➙ 5. Possibility to evaluate products so you know

which ones have the most sales potential;

➙ 6. The product information provided by creators

so you know exactly what to promote;

➙ 7. Possibility of creating special offers such as a

bonus ebook format, infographic, or any other

material that you want to give to buyers;

➙ 8. Flexibility to create your own campaigns and

adapt them according to your audience;

➙ 9. The guarantee that you’ll receive commissions

for every sale you make;

➙ 10. Access to advertising material made by creators;

➙ 11. Real-time reports keep track of all your sales information

so you can measure your performance.

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👉4. Find a Product that Solves a Problem

Finally, try to find products that solve very specific problems. If you can do this, then it will be far easier to point out the advantages of what you’re selling and to make it appealing to your demographic.

Your USP should be something that you can sum up in just a few words — and this will then allow you to grab attention and really sell quickly and efficiently.

Another way to look at this is by focusing on your ‘value proposition’…

👉 5. Building Content, a Mailing List, and a Social Media Presence

So how do you go about building this audience?

There are two main routes: one is through your own website, which you will fill regularly with content to be found through social media and Google and the other is through social media directly.

To succeed on social media there is really one rule: which is to provide lots of value.

Don’t just post about promotions but remember the lifestyle aspect we spoke about before. Give people a reason to follow you and ask yourself: would you enjoy the kind of content you’re sharing?

What’s also important is to be everywhere: be on as many social media sites as possible

to create the maximum number of ‘in-roads’ to your content.

This should at least mean:








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This also helps to make your brand appear more professional and well-structured. On top of this, you’ll need to create a website of your own to host your landing page and your blog posts.

The best way to do this is through WordPress which you’ll install onto your own web host with the domain name. The full eBook explains how to easily get set up with a great website.

I may receive compensation if you use any of these offers.

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