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10 top cryptocurrency exchange development company in India

best crypto exchange website development company

By alex smithPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

Nowadays, due to the changes in the world's major currencies, we are gradually seeing their departure and the replacement of digital currencies. Therefore, designing a cryptocurrency exchange website is an important step for businesses to gain more benefits and expand their businesses. In the past, the services of exchange offices were limited to buying and selling dollars, dinars, euros, etc., but the work routine has changed for several years. With the advent of blockchain and Bitcoin, the demand for digital currencies is on the rise. That’s the reason why most businesses are becoming attracted to the online cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to the possibility to trade the currency of other countries, selling and buying cryptocurrencies were added. On the other hand, transactions and money exchange always play an important role in the dynamics of the business world. Buying and selling the currencies requires a place where all the up-to-date information in this field can be shared with its customers online and instantly. All of this requires a dynamic and comprehensive professional exchange website development so that the activities in the field of exchange can provide facilities for their customers without limitation of time and location and provide safe and easy transactions and services for everyone at all times.

Things to do before developing a crypto exchange website

Before you start your cryptocurrency exchange website development in India it's better that you go through some steps:

Step1: have a clear view of the features you want to implement in your platform

Step2: know the exact amount of your budget

Step3: choose the method you want to develop your website with

Step4: search for a reliable company to develop your crypto exchange

If you want to choose the best development company pay attention to:

Their customer feedback: customers never lie, so the customers are indeed talking louder than the company because they have experienced working with that company so checking the customers' reviews can help you understand more about that company.

The number of the workers: when they have more employees it shows that they have experts for each section of the project and they work on different projects so they can put more effort into the specific project.

Check the portfolio and the resume of that company: checking the projects that they have done before will give you a concept of their work style. Most of these companies provide a demo of the platforms that they have developed it is recommended that you check those demos.

10 Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

If you are thinking of developing your crypto currency exchange in India, and you are looking for the best exchange development company you are at the right page. We know that finding a reliable company is a hard and time-consuming action. So here we are listed all the 10 top cryptocurrency exchange development company with some of their features and other services that they provide.

1. Pixelcrayons

Pixelcrayon is an award-winning It and software company located in India. This company was founded in 2004 so they have gained valuable experience and could work with different customers from more than 38 countries and provided services for +4800 clients. They are popular among their clients for theirs DevOps development process, SLA-driven approach, and delivering the projects on time.

The various services that this company offer are listed below:

• Custom Software Development

• Web Development

• Mobile App Development


• eCommerce

• IT Consulting

• Testing & Quality Analysis

• IoT Development

• Blockchain Development

• App maintenance & Support

• Devops Solutions

• Machine Learning Services

• Chatbot Development

• Digital Transformation

2. Radindev

Radindev is a blockchain development company which has a golden portfolio of developing a cryptocurrency exchange websites. They have proved themselves with the various platforms that they have already made and are operating without any problems and correctly. With the team of professionals in the field of blockchains, they provide the best blockchain and crypto solutions for startups, companies or even individuals who like to enter the cryptocurrency community.With the high quality services that this company provide you can take your business to the next level. They will be by your side by their 24/7 support until the end of this path.

Web development

Mobile app development (IOS/Android)

blockchain solutions

cryptocurrency development

white label exchange development

Mlm software

3. BR Softech Pvt Ltd

BR soft tech Pvt Ltd is a website and mobile development company. They help companies and startups to stand out among all their competitors. They use all new technologies to provide the most effective services for their client such as:

PHP , Node js, java ,flutter

Br softech helps you to reshape your ideas into some thin real. They have proved themselves through the years of working with satisfied clients.

Services they offer to help you stand out in The Competitive Market:

• Mobile App Development

• Software Development

• Game Development

• E-commerce Development

• AR/VR App Development

• Blockchain Technology

• Artificial Intelligence

• IoT Development

• Big Data & BI

• Chatbot Development

• Wearable Development

• Robotic Process Automation

4. Valuecoders

Valuecoders is one of the top-notch software development in India that provides reliable, effective, and robust solutions for customers from all over the world. The combination of business knowledge checked Methodologies and use of the newest technologies with specialized software engineers has made the high-quality outcomes that will add value to your business and cut you from being ordinary that makes you stand out from your competitors. With the experience of 16+ years of working, they are ready to provide reliable services for different companies.

• Application/ Software Development [Web/ Mobile]

• QA/ Testing Services,

• Web/App Design

• Blockchain

• Augmented Reality

• Product development

• IT strategy and consulting Dedicated Software

• IoT

• ChatBot Development

• Ecommerce Software Solutions

• Online Appointment Booking Software Solutions

• Food Delivery App Development

• Fintech Software Solutions

5. Crypto Soft India

With their experienced blockchain developers, they can handle any requirements. They have a great portfolio of cryptocurrency coin development, cryptocurrency exchange development, ICO marketing. They have already developed cryptocurrency projects with blockchain.

Blockchain solutions:

Smart Contracts

Hyperledger Development

Private Blockchain Development

Blockchain IOT Development

Supply Chain Development

Blockchain Big Data Development

Cryptocurrency solutions:

Smart Contracts

Hyperledger Development

Private Blockchain Development

Blockchain IOT Development

Supply Chain Development

Blockchain Big Data Development

MLM software:

Exchange MLM software

MLM mobile wallets

Token landing MLM system

Generation MLM system

Cryptocurrency MLM software

crypto products:

Readymade ICO

BTC – Fiat Exchange

BTC – ERC Token Exchange

Peer to Peer Exchange

Peer to Admin Exchange

Mobile Wallets

Payment Forwarder-India

6. Coin developer

Coin developer India is an IT solutions provider which offers services on cryptocurrency development, MLM development, exchange platform development, STO development. Their goal is to make cryptocurrency services available even for small businesses. So they provide the services at an affordable price that is possible for any company of any size to afford. The coin developer team ensures their customers that they can empower enterprises with the crypto services that they provide and the benefits that come alongside.

• IEO Development Services

• Cryptocurrency exchange development

• ICO Development Services

• Token Development Services

• multi-currency wallet development

• cryptocurrency MLM development

7. Endive Softwareendive

Envision, enhance, empower these three are gathered in endive software company. They provide innovative digital solutions and assist them to improve and expand their business. With a team of creative developers and professionals and by using the latest technology and frameworks, they develop and provide hassle-free, secure, and user-friendly web and mobile app development solutions in order to transform the future of businesses. This company provides all the services that a startup, a small business, or even a large company needs.

Mobile development

Web Development

Web Designing

Salesforce Integration and Development services.

Smart contracts

Hyperledger development

Private blockchain development

Blockchain IOT Development

Supply chain development

Blockchain big data development

8. Openxcell

With more than 400 software engineers and technical staff, they provide high-quality and bug-free services and software. Specialized engineers work professionally on different parts. Their goal is to provide exactly what their clients need and help them to make the most of their business. Openxell tries to make its customers benefit from the best-in-class talent, affordable price, and awesome infrastructure. This company provide 24/7 support for its client, so you know that you are not alone if you meet any problem on your way there will be someone to fix it for you.

• Software Development

• Enterprise Solutions

• Mobile App Development

• Blockchain Development

• Web & eCommerce Solution

• Big Data Analytics

• Chatbots & Internet of Things (IoT)

• AI & ML Machine Learning

• DevOps Services

• Testing & QA Services

• IT Support and Services

• Digital Marketing

• UI UX Design

With a little search through their clients feedback in goodfrims I saw that all of the reviews are positive and good. It shows that by providing exactly what a customer is looking for and delivering the services and products on-time they could make all their customer satisfied. They are able to adapt to the changes that happens trough the process which is a great factor.So this company is one of the recommended one for developing a crypto exchange website. The success of their clients speaks louder than any advertisement and as I mentioned before they have pleased customers which shows that their claim about their company and services are accurate.

9. Antiersolution

Antier solution is a leading company in the blockchain development area. They offer different services in the field of blockchain development that is listed below:

• Cryptocurrency exchange development

• Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

• NFT Development

• DeFi Solutions

• P2P Crypto Exchange Development

• STO development

• ICO development

• Coin Development

• White label Crypto Exchange

• Bitcoin Exchange Development

• Centralized Exchange Development

• Decentralized Exchange Development

• Binance-like Exchange Development

• One- Page Exchange Development

• Smart Contract Development

• Defi Wallet Development

• NFT Wallet development

Their professional team provides intelligent methodologies using blockchain to achieve the best operation of the platforms. The goal of this company is to help startups and enterprises to develop the products that are the answer to their customer demands. They are famous for their cryptocurrency exchange services.

10. Unicsoft

Unicsoft is a technology consulting company, delivers AI and blockchain solutions for businesses to help them improve their businesses and their outcomes.

The unicsoft team is experienced in :

• Machine Learning

• Natural Language Processing

• Computer Vision

• Blockchain

• Big Data

• Data Science

• Data Analytics

They try their best to gain their customer satisfaction and based on their customer review they are successful in this subject.

Types of cryptocurrency exchange website development

Develop from scratch

Are you thinking of developing your website from scratch? Well, you are going to need plenty of time and money. Gathering a team of experts that you trust to build your website will take time and also there is another thing that developing a site from scratch is so risky. Developing a site from scratch is so risky like every other new thing because when you develop something for the first time it has not been tested, there may be different bugs that we are not going to understand until it starts to work. This method is suitable for the time when you exactly know what you want and you want to make your idea into something real and also you have enough funds to support the financial need.

White label exchange development

White label exchange development is a ready-made platform that one company sells to another. This method is way faster and costs less money than develop a website from scratch. By choosing this method you can enter the market faster. Depends on the feature you want to implement in your exchange platform it will take one or two weeks to develop your account. So in comparison with developing your crypto exchange website, white label development is faster, cheaper, and has lower risk.

Features of the cryptocurrency exchange

An exchange site allows you to fully introduce yourself and provide the necessary records and links to inquire about legal licenses. The customer should be able to see the current exchange value of various currencies, coins, and gold on your site. Also, one of the important parts is the possibility of creating a suitable user profile for users so that your regular customers can fully use all the site services. There should be a proper system for users to have access to their bank account and do their currency tasks through that safe and secure system.


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