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Brett Davidson3 years ago
As You Know Bob - My Brain Is a Glass House
As you know Bob, my brain is a glass house. A very warm, lush place where things grow—an Eden, as it were, where the first lovers abide. Why should I bring that up? Well, have you ever wondered what y...
Frank White3 years ago
Al Hirschfeld's Legendary 'Star Trek' Illustrations
Iconic illustrator Al Hirschfeld was drawn to Star Trek. His first vision of the classic Star Trek came at the behest of TV Guide who commissioned him in 1966 to be part of a review of the premiere. T...
Matt Swayne3 years ago
Quantum Computing is Huge
Most people think that a quantum computer is either a plot device in a science fiction plot, or, at the very least, a relic of mankind's 100-year fascination with adding the adjective "quantum" to nou...
Futurism Staff3 years ago
Solar Power Today and Tomorrow
Solar power is one of the most efficient and clean sources of energy humanity possesses. There are no increased fuel costs or dependencies, no ties to pollutants, and it is both reliable and affordabl...
Brett Davidson3 years ago
As You Know Bob - Silence Is Golden
As you know Bob, the discovery of the aliens in our solar system saved the world, and they will continue to keep us safe, provided that we never contact them. It has often been said that contact with ...
Omar Attia3 years ago
The Mechanism
A sci-fi screenplay