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Hannah McSorley4 hours ago
I Tried InstaShiatsu, and I No Longer Want to Hit the Spa
Putting my feet up at the end of a long day is something I look forward to every night after work. It's a small pleasure, but it's one that I find fits in perfectly with my routine. I have high arches...
Roland Barnes4 hours ago
Is Facebook Coming out with a Cryptocurrency?
Even though Facebook is a social media platform with a massive amount of users, to the point that their sign-in functionality feels like it's available on just about every website you want to register...
Matthew Trundle10 hours ago
Thoughtful, Complex, and Visually Arresting, 'Annihilation' Is the Kind of Sci-Fi Film People Should Support
For almost two decades, screenwriter Alex Garland has been using genre films as a means to ask questions about humanity in dire circumstances. From the alarming, frenetic scenarios in 28 Days Later to...
Kevin a day ago
Benefits of Communication Software
5 Things You Need to Know
Lilli Behom a day ago
A Beginners Guide to Curses
First, let's start by asking what is a curse? Curses are more serious than hexes, and can live on for generations if intended. They’re born of anger, hatred, or justice. However, curses can often be u...
John Amesa day ago
A society is built of many things grown over time from the ashes of the past. Built upon generations of humankind from where life began in Africa to the first cities of Mesopotamia. Society evolved th...