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Joseph Civitellaa few seconds ago
Temple of the Reverend Seeker—Excerpt 3
I am a Skeptotheist. In a moment of gratuitous irreverence, I once asked a priest, “What’s so sacred about religion, anyway?” I’ll readily admit that the anger in his eyes did little to dissuade me fr...
Saving 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S'
ENTRY #1.004 Our next mission was lighter and less consequential than our previous one with Andreas Vesalius. 'Whew' that was a close one but nevertheless, when we returned back to our present, we got...
Ghezal Amiri3 hours ago
Star Wars: the Last Jedi. the First Ever 2nd Installment to a Star Wars Trilogy That Isn’t Four Worded
Star Wars fans have been waiting impatiently for what title the next installment of the Skywalker Saga will hold and today, we have finally gotten our answer:
Ghezal Amiri4 hours ago
The Creator of the Iconic Star Wars Opening Crawl Believes Not Including the Crawl in 'Rogue One' Is "A Huge Mistake"
We are all familiar with the trademark that comes before every #StarWars film installment: its #OpeningCrawl. It has been a staple in seven saga films and gives the audience a quick explanation of wha...
Ghezal Amiri4 hours ago
'Rogue One' Theory: Could Jyn Erso Be a Young Captain Phasma?
We are approaching the one year mark where anticipation was at an all-time high for the latest installment to the #StarWars franchise. If there was any initial hesitation to Episode VII, the critical ...
Extra Terrestrial Master Slave Relationship
Does the possibility exist there is an Extra Terrestrial Master Slave Relationship (EMSR) with the EA? EA ponder the reason they can not figure out if ET exist, a myriad of possibilities are present. ...