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Lewis Jefferies15 minutes ago
New Who Companion Farewells That Tear You Apart!
There is always that one Episode of Doctor Who that tears you apart and makes you break down in tears. New Who is famous for that. From Rose Tyler to Amy Pond! Which one breaks you down the most? Ther...
Lewis Jefferies44 minutes ago
The Science Behind Listen!
"Listen" makes you think. "Listen" makes you wonder. "Listen" keeps you hooked. But most of all "Listen" teaches the physics of fear.
Lewis Jefferiesan hour ago
Lorna Bucket Returns But Younger?
I was watching Series 6 and a huge potential flew right into my head. I thought how on Earth did I forget this? If you cast your mind back to Series 6 "A Good Man Goes To War", we see a young looking ...
Lewis Jefferiesan hour ago
Doctor Who Series 10 Confirmed
BBC Worldwide Annual Review published a statement earlier today officially confirming Series 10 of Doctor Who. The confirmation is hidden away on page 32 and says this: "During the year matters under ...
Lewis Jefferiesan hour ago
Should Doctor Who Return to Classic Who Style?
Back in the Classic Series of Doctor Who episodes were 20-30 minutes each. Each Story was about 4/5/6 Episodes long. Taking the stories to longer than the Stories we get today. Each Episode of Classic...
Lewis Jefferiesan hour ago
"What Took You So Long, Old Man?" -Who Is Maisie Williams Playing in Series 9 of Doctor Who?
Since the landing of the Series 9 trailer for Doctor Who, the one question that has been flying around Whovian's heads is who exactly is Maisie Williams playing in the series? There can be quite a few...