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Nailah Robinson4 months ago
Just Another Day At The Public Library
So I was at the library today, passing out my Lyft business cards, because I am a Lyft Ambassador, and that is what we do. I was really only there waiting for my daughter to get out of the program tha...
Jesse Booker4 months ago
Snake Charmers
As we all know, last November, Donald J Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States in one of the biggest upsets in the history of American politics. Many of us were shocked. We we...
Jessica Smith4 months ago
How To Be an Activist
Since a lot of us say one thing but act on another. Here's how to make a difference:
Johnny Vedmore4 months ago
Dear Theresa... The 7 Demands of the UK People
Your awkward Montgomery Burns-like hunch suggests a lifetime of sadness which has left you looking down into the abyss of dark ethical choices. Your voting record in the UK parliament contradicts the ...
Dre Joseph4 months ago
Independence Day
July 4th, 1776...the day the "Thirteen Colonies" became these United States of America. I can see it now; our red-white-and-blue flag flapping in the young, gunpowder-filled, Pennsylvanian air. Fireworks exploding in the great black sky above the liberated colonists, gathered together in brotherhood and patriotism. Men—northerners and southerners alike—are blasting their rifles and six-shooters to the stars in jubilation. Women—proper and improper—are kissing men in the streets in celebration. Y...
Méave Gallagher4 months ago
Dear Theresa,
Although you are the Prime Minster of the UK as whole, I feel the need to write this letter regarding my issues that are split between devolved and reserved matters, and as the UK Prime Minster it would appear devolved only cross your remit when it comes to the Barnett formula and how funding is allocated to the different nations within the UK, or does it? I myself live in Scotland, and since 1999, Scotland has been granted its own devolved parliament. Initially, it was known as the Scottish Exe...