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Rae'Lee Klein9 minutes ago
What Are We Doing Wrong?
We the People—Three simple words that define one of the world's strongest countries. We the People, are the forgotten "4th" branch of government, and hold the power to make our young country succeed o...
Morgan E. Westling19 hours ago
10 Books About the Civil War That Will Make You Rethink Everything
Books about the Civil War can help us discuss issues of race and reunion, and try to rethink the war in modern times. It’s always interesting to hear the difference in perspective between the soldiers...
CC King19 hours ago
Meghan Markle Fans Have Committed Crimes in Her Name
The self-dubbed "Megulators" or "Sussex Squad" have now officially crossed the line. Two days before news broke that fans of Meghan Markle threatened to kill a woman, hacked into her bank account, and...
Who Led the Blue Wave?
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. – Nancy Pearcey
Ruth Green2 days ago
'Everything You Love Will Burn'
By the time this book was completed, its author, Vegas Tenfold, had spent six years living among extreme white nationalist groups in America. Having covered conflicts in different parts of the world for many years Tenold “felt that the path to defeating extremism was through understanding it.” Tenold never tried to hide his identity or his reasons for doing what he did. As he traveled to the many cities in America, where extremist rallies have taken place Tenold was able to experience first hand...
Cato Conroy2 days ago
10 Murder Cases That Were Made Famous By The Internet
Getting away with murder was so much easier back in the day—and I mean that in the most literal sense. Prior to the 20th century, solving a murder case was damned near impossible. These days, police h...