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Jenny Humble8 hours ago
DIY Temple of Love
How to make your bedroom the most desired place in your life
Belynder Walia9 hours ago
Divorced, Indian and a Woman
To my surprise, I am finding out more and more that it is, for me and others alike. My verdict is that most men I meet think I have passed my ‘sell-by date,’ (I’m in my forties, for goodness sakes!) B...
Kevin Cooper9 hours ago
How to Find BDSM Near Me?
Living the “lifestyle” is one of the most thrilling sexual experiences that you can take on. By the lifestyle, most kinksters are referring to the world of BDSM, or Domination/submission. So many acti...
Naima Omar9 hours ago
Not Me
He wasn’t cute but he looked like a hardworking man with his silver truck and overalls. His introduction wasn’t original, but it wasn’t disrespectful either. “No sir, I don’t need a ride. I’m just goi...
Chris Dee10 hours ago
5 Ways Sex Toys Empower Women
If you’ve ever used a vibrator or other sex toy before, you’re in excellent company, especially these days. Close to half of all men and well over half of all women openly admit to having done so at l...
Actors Who Have Shown Their Cock
Have you ever wondered what an actor would look like with his pants off? Some are answering the question by sharing pics on social media outlets like Snapchat or appearing in movies that allow them to...