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Kelle C Rosa2 years ago
Give Yourself the Chance of Being Alone
Some people can't handle loneliness and other people were meant to be alone. I am part of the second group of people. Don’t take me wrong, I have friends and I sincerely appreciate them, but I like to...
Gareth Johnson2 years ago
Masc4Masc and Other Gay Nonsense
There's something about the experience of gay men that seems to make us more susceptible to substance abuse, self-harm, and struggles with mental health. I'm not a medical professional in any shape or...
Kandii Kiss2 years ago
Humiliating Tasks for the Married Online Slave
Even if he isn't married, you can still make your slave carry out these tasks.
Gareth Johnson2 years ago
Planning a Gay Stag-Do
If you live in a country that has embraced marriage equality, there will probably come a point in your life when it seems that suddenly all of your gay friends are getting married. Putting aside the p...
Wendy Adams2 years ago
Ask Wendy
Fetishism had been described by Sigmund Freud as eroticism derived from body parts and/or inanimate objects (Katka, 2010). Apparently, there were references to Fetishes in the late 1800s by sexologist...
Lebogang Bogatsu2 years ago
Love Me Mildly
Love me mildly I don't require miracles And fancy rings, Wasted ten mile runs No poetry lines Or stars in the galaxy named after me. Love me mildly, please This nice girl with the nice lay Baby, I'm n...