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Lebogang Bogatsu2 years ago
Untitled III
Then the time came when my laugh was his favorite sound And no amount of time spent in his arms could ever be enough Lovers start it together at a, b, c Time carries us over to x, y, z. You have journ...
Settled Status
Validation by martial status.
Kandii Kiss2 years ago
Fetish Games to Play
A list of games to play that are kinky and fun
Gareth Johnson2 years ago
Who Goes to Gay Saunas?
This week in the office we somehow got on to the subject of saunas. Gay saunas. Sex-on-premises venues where guys go to have encounters with other guys. One of my colleagues, let’s call him Cal, asked...
Cil Borlaza2 years ago
How Far Can Love Travel?
Long distance relationship, or LDR, is a bitch. But, she's a bitch that you would want to be friends with. I've been in an 8-year relationship that ended because of long distance, or so I thought. It'...
Date Ideas That Won't Break The Bank
There's a major misnomer that going on a date means that you will have to pay a small fortune for a restaurant bill, a movie, and maybe an Uber ride home. Though it's true that date nights can cost up...