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Nakoma Mullan hour ago
To the Toxic Person in My Life
Today I pray for you. I pray that you find peace in the world, peace within yourself. I pray you can learn to love yourself enough to not tear others down. I hope one day you can be so genuinely confi...
Jen Moose2 hours ago
Break Ups!
Why is it that breakups are the worst thing on the planet? You know it's coming and it needs to happen. You spent weeks, even months contemplating breaking up. When you get to the breakup, you wonder ...
ariana marie19 hours ago
Chapter 1: Today
I looked at the clock near the wall impatiently. The book in my hand felt pretty irrelevant; I’d read the same page over and over since I’ve sat down. I slam the book shut and began to pace. Where is ...
Gisselle Canales19 hours ago
My Fighter
I didn't want to, but I had to do it. I got a roommate. I love living alone and the idea of my apartment being my hideout from the whole world. But because I want to work part-time so I can focus on s...
Roy Jonesa day ago
Cheating Wife Hentai
I've recently gotten into manga as another form of entertainment to enjoy and I can't see that passion diminishing any time soon. Already a fan of Western comic books, I was amazed to see the Japanese...
Mari Jadea day ago
This was a time when I realized the deeper meaning of my feelings, these realizations allowed me to flourish.