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Precious Life43 minutes ago
One Day Stand?
I was sitting at Starbucks when a sexy man in a business suit came in. He ordered his coffee and then he saw me. We made instant eye contact and he took a seat in front of me. I continued reading my b...
Ellowen Ophelia2 hours ago
The Four Biggest Myths About Losing Your Virginity! (Must Read)
Whether you’re a curious teen or saving yourself for marriage there are so many negative as well as positive things you hear about losing your virginity. All in all, it sounds exciting and super roman...
A History of Transgender People, Volume III
The intense West African sun beats down on the Bandiagara Escarpment in central Mali. Against the escarpment’s face, tucked in the shadow of a large outcropping, is a village that; if one saw only a p...
Sharlene Alba18 hours ago
Exes and Oh's: The Finale
SERENA New Years Day. A day where people made resolutions for the new year. Some tried to lose weight. Some set financial goals. Some were determined to find love and make it last. For the five of us,...
Adeen Rao19 hours ago
How to Stay Away from Peer Pressure
In today's day and age when life is more of a race in which everyone's running, sometimes we tend to do things that we actually don't want to do... because of others!
Anon Anonymous19 hours ago
Sexual Performance Anxiety in Women
It took me 5 years of being sexually active but just two months of being with a woman for the first time to realize that my sex life wasn't being controlled by me. I had let feelings of worry grip ont...