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Rachel Ann3 days ago
2018 Reflection
Everything I Learned This Year
Brian 3 days ago
Levels of Learning: Don't Quit! You Can Do It!
It's not too often that you will find something that you stick with for a very long time. You have to like what you're doing to stick with anything and really love something if it's for years. I've he...
Alex Korr3 days ago
World War of 3: Depression, Anxiety vs Happiness
Did you know that globally over 300 million are affected by a mental health illness? A huge number, right? But how do you deal with it? What is that first step to happiness? Here are some tips that you may find useful.
Don't Hide from Your Condition
It’s hard to admit that something is wrong with your body or even your mind. It took me a long time to admit that I had vaginismus. Reading about it online, prior to being officially diagnosed, was ho...
Alana Redmond4 days ago
Riding in the Rain: Seattle Bike Safety Tips
Seattle, WA—Not even a bike crash could stop award-winning Ed Sheeran from performing across Asia on his most recent tour. He’s still playing full sets every night and selling out shows and doesn’t pl...
Spencer Schmidt4 days ago
Why Did You Start?
Why did you start? What made you give up junk food and sugar? What made you start going to the gym? What made you take a full slate of college classes? What makes you do what you do? That is the quest...