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Paisley Hansen11 days ago
3 Myths About Vegan Eating
If you’ve ever experimented with a plant-based or vegan diet, you’ve probably heard all the typical vegan remarks already. Friends and family have probably asked you if you’re getting enough protein, ...
Jeffrey Fontanos11 days ago
Why I Switched to Bang Energy
If you clicked on this post I assume you, like many other Americans (or wherever you're reading this) and I, have an intake of caffeine we get for going through our week. This is for those who drink t...
Iggy Paulsen12 days ago
10 Cocktails You Can Make with Energy Drinks
Energy drinks and alcohol are a very controversial combination, with much of the worry focused on the alleged health problems that energy drinks can have. Some claim that it's a dangerous combo that c...
Kayla W.12 days ago
Single-Serving Plantain Pancakes
Good morning, everyone (for me, at least)! I hope that you've all been doing well, practicing self-care and self-love, and working towards your goals! We're nearly halfway through February already, an...
Sasha Konikovo14 days ago
Just Add Vodka: The 10 Best Cocktail Mixers Money Can Buy
Back when I was really heavy in the New York City bar scene, I had a little bit of a problem. The problem wasn't my love of alcohol, per se, but rather, the type of alcohol I'd order. I wasn't a beer ...
Will Jackson14 days ago
10 Ways to Pay Less for Your McDonalds Meals
*Prices are subject to change.