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Kelsey Lange15 hours ago
Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers
There are a plethora of gifts for whiskey lovers that are available on the internet. We did the digging for the best of the best. Choose one, or multiple, of the best gifts for your favorite whiskey l...
Logan Carmichael16 hours ago
A Trip Around the World with Nutella
A few years ago, a map—created by the OECD—made the rounds on the Internet, showing the sites of Nutella’s headquarters, sales offices, factories, and sources of all the popular chocolate hazelnut spr...
Taylar Mila-Marie16 hours ago
The Color of a Flavor
If you went to your favorite restaurant and ordered your favorite meal, and it came out a different color, would you still eat it? What if it was a blue steak and green fries? According to Morgen Jahn...
Wendy Wachtel17 hours ago
Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats
This is one great jar of overnight oats that I have been making and eating lately. I love food in mason jars. It looks so beautiful. They make the perfect decorations and not just meals.
5 Cheap Tricks to Spice Up That Instant Ramen!
Living all alone is rough enough without having to worry about it being the end of the month and just trying to hang on until that next paycheck. I have found that instant Ramen has saved me in some v...
Pamela k Conoly2 days ago
"Divinity, the Right Way"
Back in the day, I used to make this for my church group functions and family Christmas Eve dinners. It became more of a contest later on because everybody else brought theirs too. They even gave out ...