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Julie Meredith10 hours ago
Iced Coffee With a Twist
Saw this drink advertised in Starbucks… Iced espresso and tonic. Did it my way… Double espresso poured over ice, and topped up with sugar free tonic water. Tastes kinda citrusy with a coffee kick. I f...
alyson lewisa day ago
A few weeks back, I posted the recipe for the cold brew drink I make most of the time and said I’d go over how to make cold brew at home. It’s honestly very simple. I guess this post is going to be tw...
Julie Meredith2 days ago
A Low Carb Adaptation of a Nigella Classic
I love chocolate cake, I used to love the original version of this and have finally got around to adapting it. I have been meaning to do some experimenting with Fiber Flour for a while and in this it ...
Julie Meredith2 days ago
Keto Death by Chocolate
This is a pudding for those times when you are catering for non Keto guests but you don’t want to be too bad and want have pudding with them. I got the idea from a Keto Mississippi Mud Pie but have ta...
Adventures of Kelly and Bob, Episode 1
I used to dabble in gardening just enough to appear to be good at it. Then, I stopped. I'm starting up again with green, leafy goodies.