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Will Prince Harry and Meghan retain their Royal titles?

by Cheryl E Preston 2 years ago in celebrities

Seventy Five percent of people polled say no.

HRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

According to a poll done by Cosmopolitan, most people believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be able to retain their titles once the dust has settled. The Duke and Duchess of Duchess of Sussex recently went to the press and announced they were cutting back on Royal duties, before they notified the Queen. HRM was understandably hurt because her grandson did not first seek her approval. An emergency meeting took place Monday, between the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Harry. It’s was later announced that the Elizabeth II has given her permission for her grandson and his family to make the changes they desire. Truthfully, Harry and Meghan were going to do what they wanted to with or without the blessing of the House of Windsor.

Royal watchers are wondering if the Sussexes will give up, or be stripped of their titles, but nothing official has been said. The Cosmopolitan poll indicates that 75% of respondents believe the couple will lose the right to be called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Only 22% of those surveyed believe the titles will remain. The Daily Beast reports that during the Queen’s brief address regarding the situation, she did not once refer to her grandson or his wife as HRH(His or her Royal highness. It seems everyone is taking more from what Elizabeth II did not say, rather than what she did address.

Many wonder if once the dust settles, if Harry and Meghan will lose their appeal. They certainly have a right to make their own choices but somehow this all seems so wrong. The idea that Meghan would prefer doing a Disney voiceover to being a princess is pretty unbelievable. Grace Kelly’s left Hollywood behind to marry Prince Rainer and become the princess of Monaco. As far as anyone knows she did not look back. With Megan inking a deal with Disney, does this indicate that she might go back into acting and possible take on rolls that would embarrass the Crown? Is this a case of taking the girl out of Tinseltown but not being able to extract Tinseltown out of the girl?

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles have family and aristocratic connections but Meghan was alone as a woman of color in a very white, very blue blood world. Like her husband’s late mother Diana , before her, Meghan had absolutely no idea what she was getting into. The public is divided on the fate of the Sussex family with some saying they have the resources to become financially independent from the House of Windsor. Others believe that once the scandal has died down, everyone will lose interest and Harry and Meghan will have no brand power.

After Prince Harry’s mother, Diana divorced Prince Charles, she remained in the spotlight, and the paparazzi continued to hound her. Diana’s second son is not directly in line to the throne and his wife is never going to be queen. When the Sussexes begin living life away from the Royals, and especially should they no longer carry their titles, they might just lose their charm. The public is fickle and the press always chases the next story. Meghan Markle, the commoner, the biracial, divorced, American actress will not be as news worthy without the addition of how all of that affects the Royals.

Those who disliked her enjoyed bringing up those issues and it’s been reported that she endured racial slurs, with some aimed at her baby Archie. People who were cheering for her wanted to see a fairytale ending but now there is a nightmare instead. If Harry and Meghan must walk away and leave HRN behind, it certainly won’t matter to the Duchess and may even mean little to the Duke. Harry has lived in the Royal fishbowl his entire life and knows every facet of it. He has also spent a lot of time as a single man distancing himself from the Royal family when possible. His brother William knows the realities as well but will one day he will be king. The eldest son of Prince Charles is duty bound as the heir, but Harry the spare, much like his uncle Andrew is not.

Prince Andrew recently was in the news for his association with Harvey Weinstein who has mounting charges of sexual misconduct against him. It seems that the spares have always been a little indifferent to Royal protocol especially where their love lives are concerned. Prince Andrew back in the day was dating Koo Star who was a porn star, Even so, his nephew, the Duke of Sussex, (at least for now) dared to bring a little color into the House of Windsor. This is probably the root of all the ire towards the Duchess, although it will never be admitted.

Time will tell if Harry and Meghan will retain their Royal titles, and are able to carve out a life on their own tjat is not at the tax payers expense. There is so much more to this story of why this young couple no longer want to be senior Royals and perhaps one day they will tell all, on a talk show or in a book. Meghan’s interview while in Africa was very telling when she said no one had asked her before how she was doing. It brings to mind Princess Diana, who admitted there were three people in her marriage and it was a bit crowded. Camilla Parker Bowles was and is a living breathing person who can be seen. The hatred towards Meghan for being a half black divorced American actress is something subtle, that simmers underneath and who can say if it is nor reading its head within the Royal family? Harry is willing to walk away from the only life he has ever known to protect his wife and son, which speaks volumes. Whether he remains His Royal Highness, the Duke of Sussex or not, some are saying “Good show” to his actions. There are others, however, who believe he is cutting his son Archie off from a life that his bloodline entitles him to. Will the 75% of people surveyed who say the titles are history be correct or the 22% who believe HRH will stay intact. Stay tuned to find out.


Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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