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Why The Naive Mob Will Be Shocked Again

by Jason A about a year ago in politics

Like They Were in 2016

The more I look around me, the more I see it. The concept of empirical evidence is a powerful thing. It used to be that people could disagree with one another and simply agree to disagree. We didn’t have to like another person’s opinion but still respected their right to have it. For the last 2 decades or so, this commonly understood idea has been eroding like the Earth did in the American West to form the Grand Canyon. But unlike that natural wonder, it’s happening at astonishing speed.

The problem now lies in that the two sides, right and left, have a very different view. While the former generally goes along with the words of Voltaire “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The latter sees those who disagree with them as evil and that they must silence them at any cost.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some of the left that are reasonable, as they used to be as a general rule. But the problem is that a small but vocal and often vengeful minority have taken over and the others are afraid to stand up to them.

In 2016, many were shocked by the outcome of the general election as that most of the pundits and nearly all of the polls had it wrong. Most people who really analyzed the situation and took the time to understand the things happening around them were not shocked at all. They expected this to be the case. As for those who were taken aback, their methods and views have not adjusted to see the errors they made and thus they are likely to make them again.

Right now, most polls have it as nearly a double-digit lead for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. Most are expressing glee that the challenger has had a few months out fundraising the incumbent lately. Whether or not you believe that polls general oversample Democrats and that it’s easier to fundraise as a liberal since you can get a lot of money from coastal elites, it matter not. Neither one of those things mattered in 2016 and they won’t matter now.

The reality is that the group given the moniker “The Silent Majority” is likely massive and given the stuff that is going on in the world, it’s probably increasing in volume daily. It is more than reasonable to assume that there are literally tens of millions of Trump voters out there that are not being counted because they do not express their opinions publicly.

Why would they shy away from expressing their approval of Trump you may ask. Well, that’s pretty simple. That aforementioned vocal and vengeful minority scares the crap out of them. These bullies control and influence much of what goes on in colleges and universities, forcing students to hide their support to avoid anything from unfair grading to physical attacks on campus. In the corporate world, people stay quiet out of fear of losing their jobs or facing demotions of some sort. In the entertainment industry, performers stay silent so as not to get blacklisted for future gigs. Even within small groups as little as neighborhoods and even families, they feel they must keep their mouths shut or else face hatred and extreme cruelty.

After all, there have been plenty of cases in which people had a harder time saying they are Trump supporters than coming out as gay. One noted example is Juan Henrnandez, a trump fan assaulted at a rally in San Jose, CA.

While it saddens me to see the deterioration of civility and humanity within this group, it only encourages more people to defy their causes at the voting booth.


Jason A

Writer, photographer and graphic design enthusiast with a professional background in journalism, poetry, e-books, model photography, portrait photography, arts education and more.

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Jason A
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