Why I Flipped From Beto to Buttigieg

by Will Evans 4 months ago in opinion

Analyzing my thought process when flipping candidates

A while back, I wrote an article making a case for why Beto should run for president as a Democrat in the 2020 Presidential election... Since then, he has joined the race gaining traction at the beginning and losing it since. I love Beto with all my heart, I firmly believe he's a good person, I actually met him at the California Democratic Party Convention (2019).

What swayed me was when videos of Pete were consistently popping up pretty much everywhere that I looked at online. They all had the same style, the videos were not advertisements trying to get me to vote for him on purpose (although they did have that effect). The videos were just of him speaking. Answering questions, or talking at events and giving speeches. I got to see from these videos alone that he is a great man, who has served our country, and had great success in solving many political issues in his town. I got to see the most articulate and clear-speaking public official convey his thought and emotions in a way that was genuine and completely logical, to the point where you couldn't help but root for him.

Eventually I felt the urge to reach out to his supporters, and ask them why they are attracted to a Buttigieg presidency. They gave me reasons about his clarity when it comes to speaking, conveying ideas on a public level, and all around good nature. Many of the individuals I spoke with actually were former fill in the blank candidates themselves, who gravitated to Pete when they saw online footage of him. These fellow voters and political enthusiasts legitimized my reasoning for making the change in primary support.

Now with all of that said, I still felt a little guilty. Beto is a fantastic candidate and man in my opinion. When I met him in person, it was after my political transition. All I could think to myself when I spoke with him was "god damn, you're a smart, bright, fantastic human being." I felt an impulsive urge to go back to Beto, and support the great man that I got to have a one on one interaction with. But this was a short-lived feeling. The day after that, I saw a majority of the Democratic Presidential Candidates speak at the California Democratic Party Convention, including Pete. All it took to "keep me in line" if I dare be so bold, was listening to him speak. In person, there is an inspiring energy that fills the room when he speaks of a positive future we could have as a nation. I am embarrassed to say it, but I almost cried. Almost, so calm down there.

Anyways, the point of the article is this: keep an open mind. Listen to people on all sides of all issues. It's important to keep our ears open to allow our hearts and minds to be opened by new people as well. There's no reason to feel guilty if you learned something new, and it changed your way of thinking. Thank you for listening.

Honestly, I'm just typing at this point to make the word requirement to have this article published. I am in college and I am very tired. It is ten and I have more important things to do than finish an article I have been slowly editing for some time now. So there you go. Maybe this extra miniature paragraph will give me the word count I need for publication. Cheers.

Will Evans
Will Evans
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