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Why do some people think the poor are more patriotic than the rich?

by Derasom 2 months ago in politics
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What do you think about the patriotism of different classes?

There used to be an argument about the rich and the poor, "Wolf and Sheep", saying that the rich are wolves, greedy and cruel, born to eat meat, while the poor are sheep, docile and herbivorous, and in front of wolves they only have to be eaten.

Actually not right.

The rich and powerful are wolves, the rich are sheep, and the poor are "plants" with lower life forms than sheep. Shrubs that are nibbled at random....

The poor are still too optimistic, thinking of themselves as high-end, thinking that being born a sheep is already miserable, no, it is a plant that is more miserable than a sheep.

Although the sheep can't stop the fangs and claws of the wolf, at least it has hooves and horns, and can jump, jump and run. Step... It has at least a little bit of resistance, not completely on hold.

Can plants be the same?

Any immature second generation of wolf or second generation of sheep can smash one from the lush weeds and finally die tragically.

Any bug ant can unscrupulously gnaw on the leaves of weeds, and can also burrow into the ground to cut weeds and roots, and burrow into the worm-eaten ant hole in the tree.

Besides being tortured, what else can the second generation of grass do?

If wolves don't eat grass, first, they have no interest, and they can't raise their desires. More importantly, they are "not cost-effective". They are not efficient. After the rich have squeezed the poor out, the sheep will eat up a piece of grass and convert it into high-quality protein, and the wolf will eat the sheep "more efficient and more cost-effective" and more delicious. It can also satisfy the desire to kill and bring spiritual pleasure.

Sheep are weak in front of wolves, and plants are the same, even worse, in front of sheep.

Sheep are animals, after all, they will run away when they see danger, while plants can only stand where they are and be eaten, burned, and buried.

It is cruel for wolves to eat sheep, but is it not cruel for plants to be eaten by sheep?

Exactly the same, or even worse, even if it is eaten, if it encounters a more ruthless goat or insect, it can also be cut out of grass roots and cut off from descendants.

Plants are the life forms of the poor.

A valley that was originally barren and barren was lifeless, but after a long period of evolution, it has become fertile and full of vitality.... Who brought this abundance and vitality?

It can't be a wolf or a sheep, all they bring is "gnawing, squeezing, exploiting, killing and destroying".

- is a plant.

Plants germinate and grow towards the sun, bringing the initial greenery to the valley, taking root underground to improve the soil, and then extending into patches to improve the microclimate, which decorates the valley with infinite vitality. It took the sheep to attract the wolf's attention.

The history of human social development tells us that no matter any barren and remote place, a large number of grass-roots poor must first gather spontaneously to form primitive villages and tribes as the "basic for survival", and then it is possible to attract and give birth to the rich and powerful.

There is no grassroots like the poor, rooting in the land is hard, desperately absorbing a little sunshine and rain, trying to absorb a little bit of poor nutrition from the ground, withering every year, corpses fall down and rot in the soil, crop after crop, generation after generation Paying the price with your life...all that is impossible.

When one day, the whole valley was struck by lightning, causing a mountain fire, the fire was raging, the flames covered the sky and the smoke covered the sun, the wolves could run away, and the sheep could run away, all animals had a hope of escaping, they have legs, It's just another place to start all over again. . . .

And what about the poor, those plants that take root in the valley, weeds, bushes, vines and trees... How can they run, can they run away?

You can only "breath and share the same fate" with the land under your feet.

The poor are not "born to be patriotic", they are born to love the square inch of the land under their feet. This love has nothing to do with the rich and powerful country. The wolf ran away and the sheep ran away and the country disappeared, but the land under their feet is still there.

The poor have roots, so love is deep.

Because this is the only "home" where he lives, was born here, grew up here, and is buried here!

But the rich and powerful don't. They live everywhere. Where there is grass, there is a home, and where there is bread, it is the motherland.

The word country is essentially more meaningful to the poor.


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