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What's with Nigerian Leaders and a Failed Healthcare System?

by Ayokunnumi Allitijesu 13 days ago in politics
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Nemesis Catching Up with African Leaders

What's with Nigerian Leaders and a Failed Healthcare System?
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As of the time of writing this, one of the leading political figures in Nigeria is incarcerated in the United Kingdom. He has been denied bail despite the efforts of officials from the country and legal moves here and there.

The question on many people's minds is why Senator Ike Ekweremadu (one of Nigeria's political high and mighty) is incarcerated and denied bail in the United Kingdom. We could go into details explaining what transpired but we hope to be very brief about that. This is because we are more concerned about the underlying problem that is affecting even the men of timber and caliber in Nigerian society.

The Senator's daughter (who is also a British citizen) has got a failing kidney and she is not high up on the waiting list. The more complicated fact is that a lot depends on the daughter's ability to get a match as soon as possible. This led the senator and his wife (also currently incarcerated) to approach a young man from their country (Nigeria).

The deal was to have the boy donate the organ with the promise of a better life in the United Kingdom. As it turns out, things did not go according to plan as the young man's kidney was deemed a no-match.

This meant that the young man was to return to Nigeria and continue facing the harsh realities over there. In his quest to turn the tables, this young man (name intentionally withheld) lies that he was tricked into coming to the United Kingdom for the harvesting of his organ.

For those asking how I arrived at this conclusion, the country's (The Nigerian) Immigration Service has released some inconsistencies in the young man's statements. For example, he claimed to be a minor but this is far from the case as he is a full-fledged adult.

But does this exonerate the senator from any wrongdoings? That would be a big NO! For starters, his counts are not only organ harvesting but money laundering. Well, the part of money laundering is not the focus here so we would take a pass on discussing it.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu is every bit a guilty man because he is part and parcel of the reason Nigeria has a failed healthcare system. This is one that has left mortality in the country at an all-time high.

This man is one of the few that have been at the federal helm of affairs since 2003. That is a whooping 19 years as a political office holder in the most populous black nation on earth. One that is deemed the giant of the African continent.

The senator stands tall in the Nigerian political strata as he has risen to the rank of deputy senate president. But despite rising so high as a political office holder, he cannot claim to have built a healthcare service center capable of handling kidney transplants in the region he primarily represents.

In the first place, there would have been no reason to visit the United Kingdom if the nation's healthcare system was in the right state and shape. The healthcare system in Nigeria is so bad that even the country's president temporarily vacated office for over 6 months seeking medical treatment in the United Kingdom. You can imagine that taxpayers money went into such for over 6 months.

But the more bitter reality is that this is not a new development in Nigeria alone. Leaders in many other parts of Africa operate this way. That begs the question - What's with Africans leaders (not just Nigerian leaders) and a Failed Healthcare System?

As Nigerians head to the poll to decide who the next president will be, it can only be hoped that people committed to reforming the nation's healthcare system will be voted in and that their vote will indeed count (if you know what I mean).


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