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We should all be scared of Johnson’s plan to strip anyone of British citizenship on a government whim.

by Axel P Kulit 5 months ago in politics
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The Tories want to pass legislation that would let them remove British citizenship from anyone and not tell them, They could weaponise this by withdrawing British citizenship and so the right to vote from known independence supporters

Removing Human Rights: a long term Tory ambition

The Johnson’s plan, fronted by the Home Secretary means the Tory “government” can strip anyone of British citizenship without telling them.

I recall a Labour home secretary who, when asked to define a subversive said “Anyone who causes problems for the government”.

When an opposition MP, who happens to be non white, asked in parliament, when they would be coming for him, the biggest of many semen stains on the dirty mattress of Westminster Politics screamed that it would only be used against people traffickers.

Believe that and I have a fortune for you waiting in the Bank of Nigeria.

Let that sink in: you could be deprived of your citizenship because the relevant official had a headache, a hangover, was going through a divorce or you had information that might embarrass (cause problems for) the government.

Human Rights? Enoch Powell said they don’t exist

Meanwhile a Tory MP trying hard for semen stain status and seeking a soiled mattress suggested that the only way to curb illegal immigration is to scrap the human rights act.

If the Human rights act were scrapped it could and almost certainly would be replaced by an act stating that only British Citizens enjoy (a limited set of) civil rights.

You can see where this is going, Anyone not voting Tory could have their British citizenship removed, even if they were naturalised, even if they were born in Britain of naturalised parents even if they were born in Britain of parents who were British to the sixth generation.

With a little imagination the government can make dropping litter or attending a protest a reason to remove someone’s British Citizenship. Those with dual citizenships could then be deported and the others, the newly stateless could be shifted to a distant country, which might refuse to accept them leaving them living in airports for eternity.

The War on Democracy

This is only part of the Tory government’s war on democracy, civil and human rights. They have banned critics of our alleged prime minister from attending Whitehall events and are legislating to make peaceful protest illegal, the criterion for illegality being merely that the protest annoyed someone. Of course complaints about right wing protests being annoying will be dubbed “frivolous”

This is why we need Independence

The UK “won” a NO vote in 2014 by lying that a YES vote would mean pensioners would lose their pensions. Since 2014 this and other things the Anti-English, Anti-Scottish, Anti-Welsh and anti-Irish unionist government in Westminster predicted would happen with a YES vote have, as anyone with half a brain cell could have predicted, overwhelmingly come true, including Scotland leaving the EU, and thus having no chance to remedy the defects of the EU from the inside. As a bonus we have a labour shortage, a shortage of goods, a brain drain a visa scheme to attract top scientists that attracted no applicants and a scheme to import lorry drivers, on temporary visas, that also failed.

We have a sleaze ridden Westminster government that could have British citizenship withdrawn from supporters of independence without telling them, thus rendering them stateless and voteless.and a complacent Tory Lite opposition captured by business and paralysed by fear of the media. A party that hates the founding principles of their party.

And this is why we might not get it

We have a YES movement that is unwilling to campaign on the case against the union and unwilling to create its own Project Fear, despite fear being a stronger motivator than hope, greed, laziness or patriotism (in the original sense of love of one’s country and a desire to corrects its faults).

We need a Project Fear of our own, one that includes things that have happened already:

If you want to lose your pension –vote NO

If you want to have to work till 85 – vote NO

If you want to be forced to do community service to claim your pension – vote NO

If you want to lose the right to vote – vote NO

If you want to lose the Scottish NHS – Vote NO

If you want Westminster to replace Scots law with English Law – Vote NO

If you want Westminster to abolish the Scottish Parliament – vote NO

Much of this list has been proposed by Tories of all parties since 2014. The rest is almost certainly in a secret bipartisan plan somewhere in Whitehall.

If you tell yourself nobody is talking about abolishing Scotland’s NHS, abolishing Scottish Law or abolishing Holyrood, remember that before the Brexit referendum ministers were solemnly stating nobody was planning to leave the EU single market, shortly before the Berlin wall went up the president of East Germany said “Nobody is thinking of building a wall” and 2014 Westminster promised Scotland would only remain in the EU if the country voted NO.


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