Watch This Mother Burn

by Tom Baker about a month ago in controversies

"American Justice" is an Oxymoron

Watch This Mother Burn

George Floyd was tried, convicted and sentenced to death on a street in Minneapolis. Allegedly for an act of forgery. He was executed not by electric chair or rope, although you might argue his death at the hands of a homicidal cop was a modern day act of lynching; instead, he was put to death by literally being sat on by a fine, upstanding representative of the American Establishment; one sworn, ironically, to "serve and protect."

Anyone, anywhere, IMHO, who by their middle forties doesn't realize that nearly everything they've ever had force-fed them by the media and "educational" system about truth, justice, and the American Way is, to a great degree, a crock of steaming, hypocritical, self-serving bullshit, is either willfully delusional, fully brainwashed, or someone who actually bothers to vote. (The definition of insanity, it has been observed, is doing the same thing, over and over again in futility, and expecting a different result. Voting falls, in my opinion, under this definition.)

I'm not a "cop hater." I don't disrespect uniformed officers, soldiers...and mainly for this reason: They don't make the rules, they just enforce them. Much as a soldier only fights the war, and dies on the battlefield defending imaginary lines drawn in the sand by pompous, power-hungry pigs who will NEVER be anywhere near a bullet fired in anger, cops are simply the HIRED DOGS of the power structure. They're not the structure itself. That said, the cop who killed George Floyd leaned on this man's neck while he was, quite calmly, telling them he "could not breathe. Officer, I can't breathe." (How else could he act in an attempt to reason with them and save his life? But, alas, the loyal officers of the Beast were not listening to his pleas that day.)

Your World is a Killing Machine

There are two realities in the world: the televised reality, and what the Soviet dissidents use to call istina, or "street-level" reality. The flailing, dying Soviet government tried its best to cover one by fabricating the other--Sov propaganda was long-winded, with one sentence alone covering nearly a paragraph of "true facts."

Today, in America, we are more advanced. Our propaganda terms are short, to the point, and borrowed from decades of research in areas like NLP and mass mind control, psychological warfare, etc. In the case of the goddamned Corona virus, we're fighting an "invisible enemy"; doctors and medics are our "front lines," and they're now our new propaganda heroes, waging tireless war to prevent yet another "grim milestone." Those "grim milestones" seem to be cropping up closer and closer, according to the reports we're getting (whether they be factually true or not), and, meanwhile, masses of easily frightened sheep march around wearing surgical masks and bandannas which are generally conceded to be pretty much useless; "social distancing" from each other at a distance of six feet, staying home, and not working. Businesses are haphazardly closed, and the economy has been sent sailing into the ice berg of a cold, ugly tomorrow.

(Billionaires, however, are curiously getting richer.)

The scam money system keeps rolling along, printing out more paper greenbacks, while the government votes over whether or not to cough up a few more measly coins from the proles and peons, all the while transferring the greatest amount of wealth in HISTORY to the richest with the mostest. We live in a giant horror comic book, an absurdist satire worthy of Alfred Jarry.

America kills. Every day, all day, day in and day out. Hell, they even do it by flying robot. While the media still hypocritically screeches about German Nazis from eighty years ago, we pump out three thousand little corpses in our abortion mills alone every single day. (Note: I'm NOT apologizing for Nazi atrocities, nor am I making an argument for or against abortion; just pointing out hypocrisy.) America is a killer; in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, all over the world; your backyard barbecue is built over an ocean of blood.

We are assured, by our media, by our educational system, by our right-wing churches and "institutions of worship," that we are the salt of the earth. The shining light on the hill. The "Beacon of Freedom and Democracy," held aloft, in the iron-hard, stone cold giant fist of the Statue of Liberty, symbolizing the "lamp besides the golden door," for the "huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

And I want you to keep that last line in mind. And keep George Floyd in mind, too, when you think of it. George, who tried to tell the officer he "Couldn't breathe."

"Officer, I can't breathe!" The above photo will become iconic, as the power structure reveals more and more of its brutal, fascistic face to the people.

Ride the Pig

The world is not governed by reason, ethics, or any system of values that isn't a goddamned RUSE. It's ruled over by PIGS. Pure and simple. No, by "pigs" I don't mean cops, really, ironically enough.

At the top, the wealthiest one percent horde vast resources. They have designed and propagate a system that elicits a perception of lack...but, here's a secret: there isn't any lack. Not anywhere. There's no need for anyone, anywhere, at ANY time to be homeless, hungry, or writhe in want. No need. R. Buckminster Fuller, the brilliant scientist and polymath, who invented the Geodesic dome, said DECADES ago that, with present design technology, we should be able to secure the necessities of life for every man, woman and child on the face of the earth. Of course, this utopian ideal has and will never transpire.

And who is to blame? What is to blame? Greed? Capitalism will sell you "poison in a pretty pill." I speak from personal, painful, bitter experience. The upswing of capitalism is luxury: fancy restaurants, shopping malls and fitness centers, high technology and gadgetry to fulfill your every whim and dream. The downside is: that only a shrinking percentage of people can "grasp the brass ring" of what they've been conditioned, through slick Madison Avenue marketing techniques, to believe is the "American Dream." That dream is as illusory as the name suggests. Covid-19, and the resultant "pandemic" are about to see us roused to a bitter, ugly wakefulness. It's coming.

Food shortages. rationing; civil "unrest." Protests, followed by riots, are already here. The fat, pathetic comic book gangster the power structure put in place to "represent" the People seems as grotesque and satirical as something from a bad comedy. He's been compared to a Shakespearean tragedy; he's got the patina of a late Roman emperor.

Meanwhile, around FIFTY million I believe are unemployed; the numbers are probably staggeringly higher. Businesses, small businesses, are gone forever by the thousands. Economists are predicting an economic Armageddon that will rival the Great Depression of fabled yore. People will be out in the streets, homeless. Hungry.


"I can't breathe, officer!"

And they have every right to be. A new world is possible. But first, as Nietzsche said, We "must smash and destroy accepted values." One such value, consumerism, has concentrated all the wealth in the hands of the Ruling Class, the elite bankers and purveyors of "bread and circuses," who will contiune to reap the profits and huge benefits of fostering an illusion of universal prosperity, while many come to realize the hard truth that the "good life" is, most certainly, not going to be attainable by all, if not most of the rapidly burgeoning underclass. Let me clue you in right here and now, friends and neighbors: THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU.

Capitalism will sell you poison with a smile. As long as the profits are right, ANYTHING GOES. But, millions and millions out of work? Papering over it all ala Zimbabwe, bringing in massive inflation? Starvation? Welcome to Weimar-Era America. Wheelbarrows full of useless paper money to buy a loaf of bread. Yes, it CAN happen here.

But, as I reminded my friends on Facebook the other day, things being what they are: It's going to be a long, hot summer. Activists would do well to remember the lyrics of an old song, Riot by the Dead Kennedys, one of my my favorite groups:

Riot, the unbeatable high,

Riot sends your nerves to the sky,

Riot playing right into their hands,

Tomorrow you're homeless, tonight it's a blast...

The System, in this era of late-stage capitalism, will flail brutally to keep control, will lie and dissemble in news reports and media outlets about what is going on, while the wise ones in the street know the istina--the "street-level" truth. The old order is collapsing; a new order is being born. Ultimately, who or what entities ultimately control it, be it the old Ruling Class, or a new, hungry, angry, resurgent mass of peons and proles, remains to be seen.

Yeah, long and hot it is; and more's certainly to come. I'm afraid we'll all just sit back, sip our juice, and watch this mother burn. And baby, once that fire gets started, it's gonna be damn near impossible to extinguish, even with an army of murderous cops sitting on its throat.

George Floyd is now a symbol of the New America, post-Covid. His last words should define the decade: "Officer, I can't breathe!"

They better listen next time.

They better...

Tom Baker
Tom Baker
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