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Trending News in Ghana: How to Recognize Fake Trending News!

There are many sites sharing trending news in Ghana; some true, others fake. Learn how to differentiate fake and true news here.

By MARIA HELENPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Trending News in Ghana: How to Recognize Fake Trending News!
Photo by Enoch Appiah Jr. on Unsplash

In today’s digital world, you can find many fake news about Ghana or any other nation. Also, you can find fake trending news about Ghanaian celebrities, politicians, among others. Fake news is mostly used to help some websites get traffic. But how can you recognize fake trending news? To help you find an answer to this question, here are tips to help you differentiate fake news from true trending news in Ghana.

First, what is fake news?

Before we look at how to recognize fake news online or on print media, you need to know what is fake news. There are two types of fake news. One kind is stories that are aren’t true. These news involves entirely invented stories well-crafted to make readers believe something false, visit a certain website or buy a certain product. The other type of fake news are stories with some truth, but aren’t 100% accurate. This is mainly used by journalists who quote a small part of what a politician says to give a false impression. It can be deliberate or as a result of an innocent mistake.

Tips to help you separate truth from fake news

• Develop a critical mindset

Recently, Ghanaians had their presidential elections. There have been a lot of information that has been going around on social media and websites about the elections. It is upon you to think critically on the information before you so that you can identify genuine news and ignore fake news. For any news item you come across, first, assess the information, think critically, do the adding and subtraction, and then conclude. Fake news is easy to recognize when you have a critical mindset and use all your senses.

• Examine the evidence

True trending news in Ghana will have plenty of facts. If it’s about the just concluded elections, it should have verified data, official statistics and so on. Therefore, fake news will be short of data, statistics, and quotes from experts. Or the facts may be twisted in such a way to back up a certain viewpoint.

• Don’t take images at face value

Images are used nowadays to accompany fake news. You need to know that there are many tools available that create fake, edit or Photoshop images. Also, learn tips of identifying fake or edited images. Additionally, analyze the images in the context as some fake news sites can have accurate images used in wrong context to support the fake news.

• Check source and who else is reporting the story

It is important to carefully find details of the source of the news. If the news is sourced from an unfamiliar source with a funny web address and dubious links, the sources can be a suspect. Besides that, it is important to find out who else is reporting the news/story. If main stream media like Adom TV, Metro TV, Multi TV or any other top media station or radio, is reporting the news, there are high chances that the information is true.

• Don’t be quick to believe and share

No matter how juicy the titles or the content will be, don’t be quick to believe it. It is also important not to share trending news that you have not verified. Just take your time, think critically and research before believing and sharing trending news.

Final Words

Fake news have increased not just in Ghana, but also in other parts the world. Therefore, it is important you use the above information to separate fake news from genuine, true news. Also, use the tips to identify the best site for trending news in Ghana, and you will read true, helpful stories all the time.

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