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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World 2022

by Kunal Ravan 5 months ago in list
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Which country is the most powerful in the world? Check the complete list of the most powerful countries in the world.

Earth with international flags on the world map

Friends, in today's modern world, all the countries of the world are trying to prove themselves better than each other and for this, there is a race to increase their strength. Due to the race of these countries, the world has also had to go through a dangerous phase like two world wars, due to which human life has also suffered a lot.

However, to prevent this in the future, many international organizations have been formed. Today in this article you will know which are the top 10 most powerful countries in the world that claim to be the most powerful. We will understand their strength from a different point of view.

10. Turkey

The national flag of Turkey | Turkish Flag

PwrIndx* Score - 0.1961

Military Expenditure - $16 Billion

Active Soldiers - 355,200

Turkey comes on Number (10) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Turkey's name is made in the list of powerful countries because it is of great importance to Turkey according to its geography. Turkey is the gateway to Europe and Asia. This is the reason why the USA and Russia want Turkey to be with them. Many people crossing the border wanted to go to Europe via Turkey. It is very difficult for Turkey to handle these millions of people.

Turkey has the eighth strongest army in the world in terms of military strength. Turkey's power can be known only from the fact that Turkey's army is the largest after the USA in NATO, that is, in terms of the strength of the army, they are counted among the big countries of the world.

9. United Kingdom (UK)

The Union Jack or Union Flag is the national flag of The United Kingdom

PwrIndx* Score - 0.1382

Military Expenditure - $68 Billion

Active Soldiers - 194,170

UK comes on Number (9) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

There was a time when more than half the world was ruled by the British only. The United Kingdom was a superpower until the start of World War I. But over time other powers were born in the world and the UK fell behind. But even today the UK is counted among the most powerful countries. No one can match the UK in the field of modern technology.

The number of soldiers in the UK army is less than in other countries, but they are so trained that it becomes difficult to compete with them. Although the biggest power of this country is its Royal Navy which is famous all over the world.

8. Germany

The national flag of Germany is a tricolour representing the national colours of Germany

PwrIndx* Score - 0.2322

Military Expenditure - $56 Billion

Active Soldiers - 183,638

Germany comes on Number (8) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Germany, one of the developed countries in the world, shares its border with 9 countries. There is a very important rieverse in Germany, which has a great impact on the economic condition of the country. The German government uses these rivers for navigation.

Germany has the largest population in the European Union. On the other hand, if we talk about the economy, then Germany is the largest country in the European Union. Germany pays special attention to its manufacturing sector. This is the reason that Germany has a lot of influence in the world in terms of manufacturing. This also gives financial help to Germany.

You can guess the technology of Germany from the fact that there is no speed limit on the roads there. Some roads in Germany have no speed restrictions. Just imagine how much the quality of the traffic system, the road and the technology will be developed.

7. France

The national flag of the French Republic is a vertical tricolour displaying blue, white and red

PwrIndx* Score - 0.1283

Military Expenditure - $57 Billion

Active Soldiers - 208,700

France comes on Number (7) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

France is a very large country in Western Europe. This country shares its border with countries like Germany, Italy and Spain. Many parts of the world still occupied by France are known as the French Territory.

This is the reason why France keeps its naval force stationed in these areas. France trades with these territories around the world. If we talk about the leading industries sector of France, then business like machinery, chemical metallurgy, textile, automobile and aircraft is the economic power of this country. According to military capacity, France is in 7th position in the list of 138 countries.

This country has more than 290 nuclear bombs. France gives more importance to the Navy so that it continues to dominate the maritime borders.

6. South Korea

Flag of the Republic of Korea also called "Taegukgi"

PwrIndx* Score - 0.1261

Military Expenditure - $50 Billion

Active Soldiers - 555,000

South Korea comes on Number (6) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Often you must have heard the name of South Korea somewhere on the news or on social media, which is always embroiled in a war with North Korea. But today we will tell you about some interesting things related to it, then you would hardly know before this. South Korea is one of the rich countries of Asia which is known for its modernization and especially its military power.

The progress of South Korea is considered an example for the world. In this country situated between China and Japan, emphasis has been placed on developing itself very rapidly. There are frequent disputes between South Korea and North Korea. To emerge from the situation of war, South Korea has deployed a large army.

Along with this, the defence budget has been kept at around US$ 62 billion. The special thing is that they have the 6th largest air force in the world. It is not so, this country spends money only on technology and the military, but there is a full emphasis on education and business. The South Korean government spends the most on education. This country is small but its power is immense.

5. Japan

The national flag of Japan is a rectangular white banner with a red circle

PwrIndx* Score - 0.1195

Military Expenditure - $54 Billion

Active Soldiers - 247,154

Japan comes on Number (5) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Often people remember Japan for two things, first for the nuclear attack and second for technology. Japan has been a very unique country in the world. If we talk about its history, then before 1850 Japan kept itself isolated from the world. But as soon as he came into the race of modernization, he felt the need for natural resources and Japan also fought with countries like China and Russia.

The special thing about Japan is that the people here are full of patriotism. It is known to all that in World War 2, the USA did a nuclear attack on Japan but few people know about the "Peace Treaty". Under this peace treaty, the USA tried to control the Japanese military power. But Japan has put all its strength into technology and see the result is in front of you.

Today technology has become the identity of Japan. Bullet trains, cars, cameras and defence systems are all the faces of Japan's technology. There is no doubt that the army of Japan is smaller than the armies of other countries of the world. But in power, it is not less than anyone. This country is very developed in terms of submarines.

4. India

The official flag of India is a tricolour of saffron, white and India green | Wrinkled Flag Image

PwrIndx* Score - 0.0979

Military Expenditure - $77 Billion

Active Soldiers - 1,237,117

India comes on Number (4) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Talking about the powerful countries of the world, India holds an important position on this list. India is the second most populated country in the world by population. One, you can consider this increasing population as a cause of trouble. But if you look at its positive side, then we can see it as human capital, which can be made quite useful by using it in the right way.

Many countries of the world emphasized economic reforms to make themselves a superpower and India is also moving in this direction. India has emerged as a tremendous power in the last four decades. One of the reasons for India's growing role in world politics is its success in the economic field.

Maintaining an average growth rate of about 6.5% since 1990 is due to India's steady growth rate, which is growing faster than Russia, Germany, and Japan. According to research, in the coming 20 years, India's economy will become the second-largest economy in the world.

India has a vast and ever-increasing army power in terms of resources. To increase military power, India has become the largest country to buy arms in the last three decades. It is believed that India will become the third-largest military power in the world by 2030.

India has the world's largest permanent armed forces, including both active and reserve personnel, which is capable of giving security to the country, but no country becomes powerful only by military and weapons, in addition to physical power, "soft power" is also necessary.

India also has huge reserves of soft power. Literature, art and culture are the biggest strengths of India. Due to Indian cinema, Indian food, cricket and yoga, India's identity in the world is increasing continuously.

3. China

The National Flag of the People's Republic of China also called the Five-Red Stars Flag

PwrIndx* Score - 0.0511

Military Expenditure - $293 Billion

Active Soldiers - 2,035,000

China comes on Number (3) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

China is also known for being a country with a huge population along with technology and military. Today, China has the largest population in the world. But have you thought about how China became such a developed and powerful country despite this? The history of China is that it has been a very hardworking country.

It is only on the strength of hard work that he has brought himself to this position in the economic revolution. Centrally controlled local government, economic reform work and skilled labour also known as human capital. Many strong steps like a better environment for foreign investors make China powerful.

China is the second-largest country after the USA in terms of GDP and if compared with India, China's economy has grown 4 times that of India. China is the third-largest country in the world in attracting direct foreign investment.

2. Russia

Official flag of the Russian Federation is a horizontal rectangular tricolour of white, dark blue and red colour

PwrIndx* Score - 0.0501

Military Expenditure - $66 Billion

Active Soldiers - 1,014,000

Russia comes on Number (2) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

Russia is counted among those countries of the world which have the power to give direct competition to the USA. Today Russia is considered the biggest competitor of the USA. This period is going on not from today but since the time of World War, the result of which has been seen in the form of the Cold War. In today's time, Russia has a treasure trove of the best weapons.

Only Russia has done the job of giving direct competition to the USA in the arms trade. Today Russia sells arms to more than 80 countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Vietnam along with India. Russia has also made itself ahead in the field of oil production.

From the very beginning, the Naval Force of Russia has been very powerful. In terms of technology, Russia can even overtake the USA and Japan. The mission to send the first human to space was from Russia itself. You will not believe that Russia has more tanks than the USA. Russia is the 2nd largest producer of oil in the world.

1. United States (US)

The national flag of the United States of America also known as the American Flag or U.S Flag | Wrinkled flag

PwrIndx* Score - 0.0453

Military Expenditure - $801 Billion

Active Soldiers - 480,893

The United States of America comes on Number (1) from our list of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world.

The USA is currently considered the most powerful country in the world. As you know, after World War Two, the USA and the Soviet Union emerged as superpowers in the world, not only this, almost the whole world was divided into two parts. This competition gave birth to the cold war and the cold war gave birth to many terrorist organizations.

The USA is far ahead in the supply of arms to the world. The USA can go to any extent to maintain its dominance over countries like Russia and China. This is the reason that the military power of the USA has been very strong from the beginning, the country whose military power is strong, that country is equally powerful.

The military power of the USA is considered to be the best in the world. No one in the world does as much money as the USA spends on its military. Also, the sale of arms is a major source of income for the USA. Apart from this, the companies of this country are the largest and best companies in the world.

The (NATO) organization also has a big role in the reasons for the USA being powerful. NATO was formed in 1949 under the chairmanship of the USA, NATO i.e. the "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" was formed by the USA to prevent the growing influence of Russia at that time, from which it benefited greatly.

During this time many western countries were financially dependent on the USA when the whole world was in crisis due to World War. That's when the "League of Nations" for World Peace was established by the USA itself. The special thing about the USA is that it has hard power as well as soft power.

The USA is also the largest country in the world in terms of GDP and is technically more powerful. The USA has the largest coal reserves in the world. Being financially strong has an impact on the big institutions of the world. The responsibility of the security of many countries of the world is also with the USA.


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