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Top 10 Countries With Highest Gun Ownership

by Kunal Ravan 5 months ago in list
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List of countries by estimated number of guns per 100 people

Firearm with bullets

Having guns with the army or police of any country is a common thing, but if these guns are with the common people of that country, then it is a matter of concern because the country's citizens have the freedom to keep more guns, the same number of incidents happen in that country. You can guess this from the recent Texas school shooting incident in America.

In America, on May 24, 2022, an 18-year-old boy entered the school and started firing indiscriminately at the children, studying in the third and fourth grade, in which 2 teachers including 19 innocent children lost their lives and such incidents are common in America.

Because America comes in countries where a common citizen can easily buy guns in large quantities, then there are different rules for keeping guns in different countries around the world.

In some countries, there are very strict rules for keeping guns, while in some countries there are very few rules for keeping guns. Many countries also give their citizens the constitutional right to own a gun to strengthen their economy. But sometimes they also get to see its side effects.

The report of the Small Arms Survey conducted in the year 2018 states that in the year 2006 there were 600 million weapons i.e. guns in the world, which has increased to 857 million in the year 2017. Both the registered and unregistered categories of guns were counted in this report.

Along with this, it has also been told in this report which countries have the most guns per capita. So in today's article, we will know in detail about these, which are the 10 countries with the most guns in the world. How many guns are kept per 100 people in these countries? Apart from this, you will get to know much more in this article.

10. Iceland

The official flag of the Republic of Iceland

According to the Small Arms Survey report, Iceland comes at number 10 in terms of gun possession per capita in the world. Iceland is a European country located in North-West Europe, which is a large island. But still, Iceland is a developed country in Europe. Also, Iceland's rank was number one in the Global Peace Index 2021.

The population of this country is only 376,248, yet this country comes in the category of the top 10 in terms of gun possession. There is an average of 31.7% guns per 100 people here. This country comes at number 142 out of 142 countries in the World Power Index.

You will be surprised to know that since 2007 there has been no shooting incident in Iceland. Despite the gun culture in Iceland, such incidents do not happen.

9. Lebanon

The national flag of Lebanon is formed of two horizontal red stripes enveloping a horizontal white stripe.

Lebanon is a small country situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The population of this country is only 6 million and 60% of the population of this country is Muslim while 38% of people follow Christianity.

This country is neither powerful nor financially prosperous, yet it is far ahead in the race of arms. There are 31.9% guns per 100 people in this country. For this reason, this country comes at number 114 out of 142 countries in the World Power Index.

8. Finland

Flag of Finland also called "Siniristilippu"

This is followed by Finland at number eight. It is the largest country in Europe by area and the least populated country in Europe by population. Finland is also known as "The Country of Lakes". According to the Small Arms Survey report, Finland has an average of 34.1% guns per 100 people.

Whereas the population of this country is only 5.5 million i.e. 2 million people have state-of-the-art guns. For this reason, this country comes at number 53 on the World Power Index.

7. Cyprus

The national flag of Cyprus came into use on 16 August 1960

Cyprus is located on the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Greece, Israel and Syria to the west, Egypt to the north and Turkey to the south. Well, it is a European country. More than 2 million tourists visit this country every year and the population of this country is only 1,224,879.

Yet in this country, on average, more than 34.3% of people per 100 people have guns. Due to the very small population and gun percentage, this country has been placed at number 7 in the report of the Small Arms Survey, while this country has no special position in the World Power Index.

6. Uruguay

National flag of Uruguay is one of the three official flags of the "Oriental Republic of Uruguay"

Uruguay is a little country located in the south-eastern part of South America. The population of this country is only 3.5 million. In this country, out of every 100 people, 34.7% people have guns.

This country is neither financially strong nor militarily, yet most of the people in this country like to have guns. For this reason, according to the World Power Index, this country comes at number 103 out of 142 countries.

5. Canada

Official flag of Canada also referred to as the Canadian flag

After that, the neighbouring country of America comes at the number (5), Canada. Like America, gun culture is widespread in Canada. At present, an average of 34.7% of people per 100 citizens of this country have guns.

The population of this country in 2018 was only 38,403,623. If we talk about legal and illegal weapons, then Canada has a total of more than 120 million guns. Also, this country comes at number 23 on the World Power Index.

4. Serbia

The flag of Serbia is a tricolour consisting of three equal horizontal bands

In the report of the Small Arms Survey, Serbia comes in 4th place, which is a European country. Serbia used to be part of Yugoslavia in the olden times, but later it became a separate country. In this country, 39.1% of people out of every 100 people have guns.

The population of this country is only 6.9 million and due to its per capita census and the percentage of guns, this country comes at the number (4) on this list. Apart from this, this country comes at number 61 out of 142 countries in the World Power Index.

3. Montenegro

The flag of Montenegro is red, with the coat of arms in the middle, and golden borders.

After this, Montenegro comes at the number (3). Montenegro is a small country in South-Eastern Europe. According to the report of the Small Arms Survey, on average 39.2% of the people per 100 citizens in this country have guns.

The population of this country is only 621,000. 250,000 people in this country have guns. If we look at the total number of weapons of this country i.e. according to the World Power Index, then out of 142 countries, this country comes at number 132.

2. Yemen

The national Flag of the Republic of

Yemen is the second country on this list after Montenegro. Yemen is located in the southwest corner of the Arabian Ocean. Yemen shares its international borders with Saudi Arabia and Omen, and for many years Yemen has been a war-torn country. Where the Yemen government-backed and Saudi government-backed forces are at war with each other.

Due to this, the economy of this country has been completely ruined, yet the number of guns in this country is 14.9 million. The current population of the country of Yemen is 29 million. In this country, 52.8% of people out of every 100 citizens have guns.

1. The United States of America

U.S.A Flag

According to the report of the Small Arms Survey, the United States of America comes first in terms of gun possession per capita in the world. America has the highest number of guns per civilian. America is the most powerful country in the world because of its arms exports.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution says that any citizen over the age of 18 may bear a weapon for his safety. Due to this 120.5% of every 100 US citizens have guns.

According to a report, the US population in 2018 was 326.9 million, while the number of guns in the US was 393.3 million. Due to this gun culture in America, there are more than 200 incidents of shootings in public places every year.

According to the CBC report, in the year 2019, a total of 38,500 people died due to bullet injuries. Because of this, America's gun culture remains their biggest problem today. Due to this gun culture, every 2 hours 36 minutes in America, a child dies due to a bullet.


If this report is looked at carefully, then very few incidents of shooting happen in those countries where the rules of keeping guns are very strict. Countries like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal have very few incidents of firing. Weapons always act as a hindrance to human development.

For the safety of its citizens, every country should make tight security arrangements on weapons, especially guns, because the incidents of shooting in America also teach other countries.

So that was all in this article and what do you think about having a gun? Do tell me in the comment box below. Hope you got to know something.


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