The Trump Card

by Shaun Kolich 12 months ago in opinion

Why We Pulled It

The Trump Card

Having studied the world and politics, it has opened my eyes to different belief systems. I served in the US Navy for eight years and visited upwards to 25 different countries. Through my travels and experience, I was able to come to terms with what I believe to be true.

In 2016 something happened that was before deemed impossible up until now. A businessman with no political experience became the leader of the free world. President's from the past have all been previous senators, governors, and from other high ranking political families.

They have come from the same groups of social elites, private clubs, and organizations. One of the greatest freedoms we have is the freedom to view things differently. Situations are getting heated up due to lack of needed conversations over the years, we must remember to respect each other's viewpoints.

The problems we see today did not start yesterday and not even two years ago. The issues that fuel people today have been going on for the last sixty plus years. Election time politicians would come to make empty promises, collect money, and then overlook the American Citizen.

In 2016, America pulled the Trump card on mainstream politicians this began to change. Subjects long forgotten now have the limelight they need. The unemployment rate was high. They manipulated the numbers by not counting people that have given up on employment or worked part-time.

The infrastructure in our inner cities have been overlooked for decades and have been falling apart. Promises made by politicians that they never honored.

Millions of low paying jobs were being created under past administrations to fudge the numbers. The workforce and job creation can be summed up into three tiers. Tier A is your highly skilled jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers to name a few. Tier B is skilled jobs without degrees such as manufacturing, factories, and skilled jobs. Tier C is your retail and fast food jobs.

Through horrible trade policies, we allowed China to produce 90% of the world's products by doing so we prevent ourselves from being able to create Tier B jobs here in the USA. In 2016 the people through the Electoral College elected a man that is on the outside and understood how business and trade needs to work.

He may be a billionaire and rough around the edges. Most CEO's are as they view that the real resource in our world is time. They make sure that they are always understood, direct, and forthcoming in their words. We are not used to this since we have been conditioned by people who would give a thirty-minute speech yet have no idea what they just said.

To fully understand an alpha male who is also a successful businessman. The easiest way to explain an alpha male or even any successful businessman. They wake up every day living their lives like a self-help book and fulfilling affirmations. They honestly believe and strive to be the best at everything they do. They may never achieve this goal, but they will plan and do everything to meet this want at all cost.

We need a leader who is this way even if you do not like him as a person. In the 1970s when people graduated from high school they paid for college, worked less, vacationed, and saved for retirement we produced upwards to 80% of the world's goods. Now we will never make T-Shirts again as it would cost too much for our current standard of living. The United States can produce products that would be beneficial to other countries.

In 2016, we elected a President who will push to be the best President in the history of the US. Will he achieve this? After his time in office, we will we be able to judge for ourselves. Because of his personality, he will do everything possible to try and achieve his goals. Aggressive alpha male types are about winning at all cost. Meaning they will fight for whatever they want in negotiations and partnerships almost in disregard to what the other wants.

We pulled the Trump Card because we got tired of the same old thing. Smooth talking politicians that we joke about knowing that all they do is lie. We used to vote not by how well they will do but by who is the lesser of both evils. We voted not because we knew they would fulfill their promises even if we disagreed. We voted on who sounded the best when they lied to us.

President Trump's election changed everything we will now see we can demand more from them. We can use our freedom's to discuss concerns that we have and political correctness will no longer hinder us. Our country is changing and even through all the muck that we see. We can and will come out clean on the other side.

How does it work?
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