The Real Revolution

What is a revolution?

The Real Revolution
Students & Youth for a New America 

What is a revolution? This word is used by many throughout the world daily, especially the United States. We hear the words “Political Revolution”, we hear the words “leader of the revolution”, we hear the words “I am part of the revolution”. What does that mean? What is a “revolution”? And more importantly what is The Revolution? Is it the destruction of the established government? Is it the change of the economic structure of the government? Is it a violent uprising? Or is it a peaceful movement? In this article I will explain to you what a revolution is, what The Revolution is, and how Students & Youth for a New America is at the very mantle of this revolution.

First we should know that the way we view a revolution varies from person-to-person, however it begins with what we were taught in school. Public schools teach about various revolutions throughout the centuries, from civil wars, to coups, to outright rebellion. In almost all of them however, they describe violence, murder in the night, assassinations. While these are examples of revolutions, violence is not a key component in changing, overthrowing, or removing an established government. In fact, in most cases the violence is started by the ruling class! Those in power are deathly afraid of losing it, those who oppress their subjects and citizens realize that in most cases the only way to keep control over their country is with brutal use of force. The revolutionists of the time then have no choice but to fight back, in order to stay alive and to defeat the evil that controls their country. Revolutions to begin with are defensive. They are to defend the rights of the citizens of that country. They are to protect the citizens of that country.

Our government is corrupt, caught in the deep pockets of wealthy corporations, and even wealthier individuals. Our economic system is garbage: the wealthy become wealthier, the poor become poorer. Those who have the power to change the system don’t want to; it works for them. They become richer and richer. Those who want to change the system can’t, they don’t have the influence to make it possible, anyone who raises their voice against the government is quickly silenced, either by misguided, uneducated citizens, or by the government themselves, normally by destroying that individuals credibility.

The evils of our capitalistic government are endless. Thousands die every year in the United States because they can not afford adequate healthcare. They can’t afford to feed themselves. They can’t afford to feed their children. The top eight richest people in the world own as much as the combined wealth of the poorest half of the population. Thats 3.5 billion people. Maybe if I write it this way you’ll feel the injustice. 3,500,000,000 people… three billion and five-hundred million people. Eight people. Lets think about that for a second. People are dying. Children are dying. Your loved ones are dying. And do you want to know why? It’s not because of heart failure, or because of that nasty automobile accident. No it’s because the system in which you live in doesn’t care for you. It only cares about how much money it can get from you. Why should large corporations and the wealthy care about your child who will die without the proper medical treatment? Why should the government care if you don’t have money to buy food? The answer is they don’t, they don’t believe they have to. And that, is capitalism. That is the system you live in. That is the system you defend.

But why? Why is it that Americans say “No, I like our system.”? The answer is simple. The American media presents the facts the way large corporations tell them to. They present facts in a way that convinces the majority of Americans that the system works, that it’s great, and that it will all be fine in the end. They are wrong. Very wrong. It needs to change. Immediately. The change has to be across the board. Not a law here or there, but full on revolutionary change.

And it has been decided that now is the time to act. As our country becomes more and more unstable, as military actions escalate in the Middle East and with the DPRK, as we narrowly avoid another government shutdown, now is the time to act. Now is the time to educate, now, is the time to begin the revolution. Revolutions by nature, do not have to be violent, And in this revolution non-violence is key. Does the ability to overthrow an established government in the hands of soldiers, of mercenaries, of terrorists? No! The power to overthrow and change a government rests solely in the peoples hands. The power to change the way we live, to make our world better, belongs to everyday citizens. Those who understand what changes have to be made, those who understand the evils of living in a capitalistic society.

Which brings us back to the beginning question. What is The Revolution? Overall the premise is quite simple. Here are few basic points:
  • the banks, factories, and industries must belong to the people
  • healthcare must be nationalized
  • class inequality must be abolished
  • the top one percent needs to cease existing.
The list could go on and on and on. The only way for this to happen however, is for the American public to be educated. Educated that the mainstream media lies to them. Educated in the fact that large corporations control the government. Educated in the fact that the government doesn’t care if you live or die, if your child lives or dies. How can we live like this? How can we allow our government to treat us like this!? Why do we stand by and watch others suffer? Why do we let our country kill innocent civilians, domestically and foreign, through their disgusting policies, and their love of violence. Why do we let this continue? I say no more. No more watching the wealthy destroy America. No more watching the poor struggle everyday, wondering whether they will have money for food. No more watching millions of parents in agony as their child dies in front of them, their government not even batting an eye. No more seeing innocent civilians being killed by our drones in the Middle East. No more. This must change. It all must change. And it starts now. It starts, with you.
Dyln Namm
Dyln Namm
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