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The Problem With 'The Left'

by Jake Haydn 4 years ago in politics

There is no difference between 'The Left' & 'The Right.' The only real alternative is Peace.

Take your most stereotypical extreme "Lefty." Anti-Establishment, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-War, Anti-Racism, Anti-this & Anti-that. Do you see the problem? Negativity so deeply entrenched in their core it blurs the positivity of their ultimate goals of equality. The need to be against something is so strong that before the thing they are currently fighting has even been won, they are preparing for the next fight.

But that is what the right do? Why have the left become what they despise. If the left is to ever succeed, it cannot reflect the right, it must disengage with the right and start moving forward.

But where did this all come from; "the left want equality," I hear you say. To which my reply would be "Do they, really?" These individuals are just as lost and disconnected as their enemies on the right. Both equal in pain and misery, the intensity of oppression fuels both of their tribal instincts to attack. It's incredible that no matter how angry they get at the government, they cannot stop fighting each other, themselves, or some political news story used as a clever distraction. And it works.Until each individual recognizes its own Ego & Pain-Body, the left will never succeed in true equality, and the right will continue to project hatred towards something or someone. Their Ego takes over and starts to de-legitimize all the hard work, and the worst part is that it spreads like the black plague. The Ego in activists' groups is deadly and contagious. The main goal is polluted with infighting, ultimately caused by someone who wants to be the leader or the face of their accomplishments.

The only real difference between the left and the right is the cause that they are fighting for. Open a newspaper the day after an Anti-Cuts protest and there is likely to be a photo of someone ruining it for everyone by damaging something or someone. A single individual whose Ego thrived in the mass protest environment, to the point where it let loose all the anger built up from irrelevant past stories of their life into the windscreen of a police car. You can apply the same to the right, but typically involving more individuals and a far less vocabulary in their primal chants.

The negative energy that flows through what they say and do, along with the constant need for an enemy and conflict, is identical. Generally, they end up creating enemies within their own group, either when the momentum rises or flickers. This occurs because the individuals see the goal approaching and want to be the face of the achievement, and they lose sight of the real reasons for their initial passion. Or the goal has been achieved but the need for fighting still remains. The group tries to find a new enemy but deciding on which is most important tends to leads to the demise of most single-purpose activist groups.The Pain-Body within most individuals fighting for change is very active, feeding off the negative energy given off by the mass anger held by the group as a whole. And no matter how hard we try to stop it from taking over, it is inevitable when the focus is on outright war on the opponent. The atmosphere at protests are generally filled with anger and a deep feeling of loneliness and the number of activists present never fully rid these feelings of disconnectedness. The negative energy is bouncing from one individual to the next until it creates a mass Pain-Body that becomes part of the group.

Once we fully accept that fighting anything will not achieve the ultimate goal of equality only then will we start to find alternatives. Instead of wasting time and energy being against everything that is bad in the world, lets try finding the things we are for. Educate ourselves and others, act only with kindness (Yes that means Tommy Robinson too), strive to be the best you, and delve deep into that feeling of disconnectedness and find out where it is coming from. Because it is not the Government or UKIP. It is you.Real change comes from within.


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