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The Hypocrisy of America with the war

What about the war on poverty in US

By Anna cruzPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
The Hypocrisy of America with the war
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America has been quick to support the Ukrainian war by helping the Ukrainians fight back with massive amounts of aid. Another 800 million were sent to Ukraine in aid for weapons. I understand America’s stance on the world stage to support democracies around the world. I believe that America should help Ukraine but I also believe that Europe has to be able to do more since the war is in their backyard. The world is watching this war as the Ukrainians fight back the Russians so much death on both sides. It seems surreal. America should not fight alone in other combats that don’t involve them. America has another war to fight that they have ignored for generations.

America has the war on poverty to fight here in the U.S. With all of the resources we have here in the U.S. We haven’t had a way to truly fight poverty. It is the lack of political will that has hindered the fight against the war of poverty. The politicians waste our taxpayer dollars on wars abroad but can’t find the money to pass the child tax credit or universal daycare here at home.

There is a significant number of Americans that are homeless in the U.S. and it's not who people imagine are homeless. Most Americans think that it is winos and drug addicts that are homeless when in reality the vast majority are women and children, families, the mentally ill, veterans, and the elderly. There are an estimated 553,742 people in the U.S. experiencing homelessness on a given night according to 66.7 percent of people homeless are single and that is 368,081 in numbers, with 33.3 percent being families 184,661 in numbers adults and children. 7.2 percents are Veterans 40,056 and 7.4 percent unaccompanied children and young adults, 40,799.

Almost half of the entire homeless population lives in California, it's no surprise with the state being the most expensive when it comes to housing costs. According to World population California has the highest homeless population of 151,278. New York City has 92,091. Florida has 28,328. Texas has 25,348. Washington 21,577 Massachusetts 18,471. Oregon has 15,876. Pennsylvania has 13,199. Georgia has 10,443 and Ohio has 10,435.

According to the reason for homelessness is the lack of affordable housing, housing getting more expensive and the wages not being enough to pay the housing. The National Center on Family homelessness says there is a staggering 2.5 million children homeless each year in America. This is a higher number than what the US government reports as a half-million being homeless. During the pandemic, some of the measures taken helped poverty across the nation such as the stimulus checks and the child tax credit which helped children get out of poverty. The ending of the child tax credit has caused the children to slip back into poverty.

The war in Ukraine has dominated the US government policymaking to an external war and has caused it to ignore domestic issues like the cause of Inflation in the U.S.

The media's constant ignoring of the poverty in the US and the homelessness in the country is immoral and disgusting.The media for years has ignored the poor and the homeless for years. By not covering the issue, the media has managed to make the poor invisible and left politicians unaccountable to its people. Inflation has been the highest in 40 years and yet there is no political will to find answers to try to lower the Inflation that is affecting and crippling families across the US. The poor are being decimated by the inflationary costs of food, gas, and housing. Yet, there is no political will in Washington DC to find solutions or even aid the Americans during this critical time.

Instead, the politicians decide to engage in war by aiding the Ukrainians with 14 billion dollars in aid. America can help another country in need but can’t help its own citizens? I could never understand that and that is the same for any other aid sent to foreign nations. The US believes in preserving democracies across the World but not in their own country.

Why is it that the politicians we have in the Senate and in Congress refuse to help their citizens? Joe Machin of West Virginia said he was against the child tax credit because he believed that the parents would use the extra money on drugs. That is who West Virginians elected to represent them in the Senate. Manchin has single-handedly destroyed Bidens’s agenda to pass a domestic agenda to help Americans in the Build back Better act.

The Democrats have given up on creating a new bill to pass a domestic agenda. If they can’t pass a huge bill then they should set it up into many smaller bills. The US managed to agree on sending 13.6 billion to Ukraine but they fail to work on domestic aid bills that would help Americans at home. I am saying not to help Ukraine but can’t politicians show that same compassion towards its citizens too. Can’t they approve a bill to help Americans find affordable housing or a bill to help mitigate the costs of Inflation to help its citizens? The lack of political will is what is keeping them from doing anything. These same politicians who we vote in every four to six years. We don’t hold them accountable and continue to vote the same politicians in. Why do we vote against our own interests? Why do we vote for the same politicians in? On both sides when they do nothing for us.

Americans need to unite and vote for new candidates, we need to show politicians that they will be held accountable for their inaction. If we don't vote and allow apathy to be our friend there will never change. Americans should protest in the streets about those inflationary prices and make Washington DC more accountable.

We as Americans should hold our politicians accountable for their voting records. The fact that one lone senator has stopped the Presidents agenda shows that the political system is broken. As Americans, we should demand action to end poverty in America


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