The First Presidential Debate of 2020

Can America be Saved from Politicians?

The First Presidential Debate of 2020
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I want to have hope for our Nation. I want to believe that those who represent the citizens of America have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, Tuesday night's Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and President Trump only confirmed the real truth: Politicians are in this race for themselves. To better their career. To better their lives and the lives of their family. It's all about them.

The people in office only consider those they represent when they need our support to help them stay in Office. Commercials. Speeches. Promises. Cliches that we've heard for several years. They talk about rebuilding roads and bridges. They talk about using renewable resources. Green Energy. They talk about healthcare, lowering the cost of prescription drugs. They talk about lowering the national deficit. Making the military more efficient. Helping Veterans that feel left behind. Providing better education to our youth and lowering the cost of higher education for young adults.

Every Election year, they talk about a long list of the same old things that need to be improved. Every Election year, they tell us that 'they' are the ones who can make it better. Every Election year we hear the same promises of what is to be done because their predecessor was not able to do it, even though all the their predecessors made the same promises.

Every Election year the American people seem to buy into the same game. At each rally, you'll see women in clear view of the cameras to garner the women's vote. At each rally, you'll see black people in clear view to appease the African American Community. At each rally, you'll hear their plan to make this country greater than it ever has been long before President Trump coined the phrase: "Make America Great, Again."

Yet, in 2020, we, the American people, are still asking for the same changes that have needed to be made for decades, which begs the question: Has any progress been made at all? For the most part...



If you watched the Presidential Debate at 9pm Eastern time on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, you understand why little to no progress has been made. As I spoke to co-workers on Wednesday morning to get their general reaction to the debate, it was clear that despite our varying political viewpoints, we all agreed that Event was likely the worst Presidential Debate we have ever seen.

Less than 120 seconds into the Debate, I found myself asking the President to wait his turn to respond to practically anything Senator Biden said. Before Biden could finish a sentence, President Trump was aggressively interrupting him. The Moderator (and we do feel sorry for the Moderator) Chris Wallace was also being interrupted by President Trump. The President's tone was simply overbearing and out of control.

Consequently, the Moderator and Joe Biden had to become a bit overbearing and out of control just to get a word in between President Trump's ..rants? Tangents? What should I call them? He basically took over the entire Debate, which led to me blurting aloud, "Would you shut up?!" as I'm watching this train wreck happen before my very eyes and we were barely ten minutes into the debate.

In a democracy, politicians have to work together to get something, anything done. If they spend most of their time arguing and name-calling each other, nothing will get done. Which is pretty much where we are now. At minimum, it takes Congress twice as long to pass a Bill because politics often interrupts better judgement. Instead of doing what's best for people, in general, it's about who 'looks' right and who 'looks' wrong. Who looks powerful and who looks weak. Of course, no one votes for the weak, so every opportunity is taken to make sure the 'right' person gets the credit.

Now, after Tuesday night's Presidential Debate, we all know who's right: No one. The entire political process is a sham. It's pathetic because grown men and women are acting worse than toddlers in their 'terrible 2s.' Whining. Complaining. Practically holding their breath until they get their way. And they continue to do so because it doesn't cost them a thing.

It doesn't cost them their salary when the government shuts down. It doesn't cost them their job when they suddenly go on their third vacation of the year without getting the Bill passed that they promised they'd finish before going on vacation, again. They are not held accountable for doing absolutely nothing at all.

All the while, the people they represent suffer. Lost jobs. Evictions. Debt increases. Car repossessions. The security you worked so hard to maintain crumbles down the drain while they bicker among each other or refuse to talk to one another altogether. Again, this entire system is broken.

As I conclude, the real question is: How do we take our country (our home) back from the politicians? Because we've left it up to them for so long to fix everything only to realize they're one of the main reasons why the country is falling apart. I have a few suggestions in mind. However, my gut feeling is just to kick them all out in November and leave Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives) vacant for at least three months. They are all fired.

Realistically, I would put a limit on each person's tenure in the Senate and the House, which mirrors the Presidency. Eight years maximum. The President can only have two four-year terms; they cannot be re-elected under any circumstance after that. The same rule should apply for Senators and House Reps. including the Leader of each branch.

Next, Congress cannot dismiss for vacation on two consecutive cycles when a Bill (like the one we've been waiting on now for months) needs to be Passed. Furthermore, if an agreement is not made and they still go on vacation and/or there is a government shutdown, they will not receive their salary because their job was not done. We cannot continue to pay them for bickering and going on vacations. If they can't work together to get these Bills passed in a timely manner, we can't pay their salaries.

Finally, whether a House Rep or a Senator, American citizens should have a voice in removing that person from their position if we feel they are jeopardizing our lives by playing politics during the negotiating process. No more name-calling. No more posturing by not speaking to each other. All of the childish games have to end; we need an Independent Committee in Washington, D.C. to make sure that Congress is doing their jobs.

I know. Grown people shouldn't need babysitters, yet, here we are.

We, the American people, have to be much more involved in the political process because Congress is wasting too much of our time and money doing nothing. We have to press them to change the laws to benefit us, instead of them, and if they don't like it, they need a career change.

I'm not an expert on politics. I'm not qualified to run for Office. However, too many of the people who are do not care very much about the people they represent. Someone has to do something. It needs to be us. I'm open to suggestions from people a lot smarter than me, but I know this much power can't be in the hands of the government any longer. Otherwise, ...will there be anything left of us?


Eric Christopher Jackson
Eric Christopher Jackson
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