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The Crisis of Public Mass Shootings

Schools and Large Crowds tempt Pyschopaths

By pootzygirlPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Many people are currently mourning or discussing the latest tragic school shooting. It's so difficult for us elders (those over 40 years of age) to respond to this the same way we did 30 or more years ago. We've seen it too many times. It's not that we don't care, it's just that we feel it is out of our hands. No matter what we say or do, it's not enough and it doesn't seem to stop it from happening so why should we even talk about it? I'm only mentioning it out of respect and because I still do have compassion. I have compassion for those who want to believe in education. I feel for the families who are crying or mourning the loss of a loved one to a death situation that was shockingly unexpected and unnecessary. And my sadness is that there is nothing I can do about it. Sending a sympathy card or flowers seems pathetic and more callous than I have been accused of being in my bitter, cynical old age.

It's not the school's fault. It's not the teachers' faults. It's not the parents' fault. It's not even the psycho-shooter's fault. It's a systematic problem that occurs over and over again and until we figure out how NOT to make psychopaths, it's going to keep happening. You can mock the church and call Catholics child molesters. You can hate the shrinks and say they torture and overdrug. You can make villains out of all the helplines that have come forward; But that still doesn't cure the psycho-shooter who shows up at a mall or at a church or at a school to take out all the people who have mocked him, cast him out, bullied him, and ruined his life. Until you save that ONE, (or as the George Bush once said, "leave no child behind") you will continue to see the shootings at all those places you hoped would be safe for your children.

You can not OUT one child (justifiably) in the name of another child. There is no karmic balance that will ever justify it. Spock used to say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one." That's majority rules thinking. It's not wrong, but that ONE that gets forgotten or cast out becomes your psycho-shooter. Humans are not meant to survive without other humans, and if the one outcast already sees his inevitable death, why should he care about the value of anyone else's life?

When I was a teacher in the public school or private school, some of the students did scare me. Bullying has been a problem I've had to deal with all my life as a girl, a woman, and a short person. Martial arts helped build my confidence a bit, but never really solved the problem for me especially in adult life. I know how scary I can be, and I know how scared I've felt around others scarier than me. Compassion, kindness, and effective communication are all we have to make our way through those fears. If fear and judgement and superiority become more "natural" to us over inclusion, fairness, and compassion, we will all eventually become psychopaths.

No one is alone. Even that psychopath you detest can find other psychos who felt the same way. I'm not trying to braid my hair and wave the peace sign at you while we sing songs of love around the campfire --- I don't even think that would help the cities or the schools at this point.

Why do people melt down? What makes a psycho? Stress, pressure, and being ostrisized and cornered. Every single one of us has the devil inside and has a breaking point. As a counselor, coach, teacher, or parent, it's your responsibility to your family and community to see where that stress and pressure is, and take note of who is "cracking" and who is in jeopardy. If not,why should you be shocked or surprised about the next mass shooting? You failed, that's why it happened. I don't like being so harsh in my opinion, but sometimes a school or community just has to own the situation.


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  • Jay Kantor2 months ago

    Mz. 'PooTzy' - I so enjoy how you just talk to your readers *I have subscribed to you; with pleasure. I have written a story 'The Edge' - I just couldn't help myself - My 'Alter Ego' did the finger-walking as evidence in another story I've written. We are all have the same values; just sometimes different recipes. I look forward to reading your next adventure. Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal 'Senior' Vocal Author

  • Brielle2 months ago

    Yes. So true.

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