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The Big Lie

by Ashley Houston 9 months ago in trump

A Case for Conviction

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I was never overly active in politics until I saw that Trump had a chance of becoming President, which is when I activated. I started voting in every election, local and national. A lot of people don't realize how important our local elections are, and until about five years ago, I was one of those people. For a long time, I didn't think my vote mattered and that things were going to be how they were going to be, but now as an experienced adult, I realized that it is only through making our voices heard that things change.

I suppose the only good thing I can see that came out of Trump being President was that I realized that I needed to be more politically active. That is one of the few if only, positives I can see from that pompous prick being elected. Having a white-collar criminal as President was eye-opening. It showed how flawed and sturdy our system of laws are. We were barely hanging on there for a while, he picked three supreme court justices and hundreds of judges, and I am sure it is easy to see why he thought he could get away with his big lie.

The big lie was one of many from the treason-tight-rope-walking clown 45. Good ole clown 45 thought that if he repeated lies repeatedly that he could make everyone believe him. Too bad for him; not everyone was part of his could do no wrong cult. I hate to say that people that support him are part of a cult, but folks, that's exactly what he has. He gathered a cult-like following. His supporters are willing to put him above their country. Look at the events that happened at the Capitol.

 Trump repetitively lies about voter fraud and winning the election.

 Trump has rallies repeating his lies over and over to his followers.

 Trump turned Americans against each other based on his lies.

 All the speakers that were at the clown's rally were repeating the lies. They were inciting violence with talk of combat and standing up for their rights. In reality, they were just encouraging the crowd to walk to the Capitol and confront Congress with guns and buckets full of lies.

 Trump stated that he would be among the crowd, at the front of the crowd as they marched to Capitol Hill.

 Trump watches everything happening from the White House and says nothing to stop it. He does nothing to stop it.

 The national guard doesn't show up, even though the speaker and the mayor requested them. Why didn't they show up? The pentagon held them up; I wonder why?

 Trump lies about inciting violence while lying about all his achievements. All the good he has done that is laughable. What good? None that I can see.

Let us not forget all those senators and congressmen and women that help to spread the big lie. The lie that the election was stolen. They used this lie to appease Trump's followers and to get donations. Is this America? An American where you can bargain to get a pardon?

Some Questions to think about:

 Why would an innocent man consider pardoning himself, family, or associates if they have not been convicted of any crimes?

 What happened to the Republican party?

 How have the party's values changed over the past five years?

 Why would someone not denounce white supremacy?

 How was an insurrection able to happen at our Capital?

 Would anyone have died if the President had not repeatedly lied to the American people?

This has been a long four years, and let's be honest, it's been shit. Instead of moving forward,

our country started reverting, exposing our disgraceful roots.

 Racism

 Classism

 Corruption

 Human Rights Abuse

This thing we call Democracy has been hard fought for and won here. Even with all the evils from our past, we were working toward a better future until 45 took over. When he took over, it became clear he was trying to take us back to a past that we are past. The sad thing is some of his supporters didn't see this; they got drawn into the misinformation that he helped spread. I mean, can you believe they wanted to make ANTIFA a terrorist group. Seriously, I don't understand how anyone could seriously think an anti-fascism group is a terrorist group unless they are being scapegoated. At this point, I think we all know that is precisely what was happening. 45 was not a good President. He convinced his followers that lies were truth and that the truth was lies. He has aided the spreading of misinformation while lying about spreading misinformation. When the pandemic called upon him to find courage and lead, he did not. Instead, he lied once again. I wonder how many people would have died if we had someone else, anyone else besides him, as our 45th president? He has disgraced the office of the President and is the worst President in American history.

So why does anyone doubt that we should convict him in the Senate? He can no longer be appeased; he should have never been appeased in the first place. We need to show that the rule of law does matter, truth matters, and corruption is wrong. He needs to be convicted and barred from running again. We are not a country of fascists. We are a Democracy, and fascism should not be allowed to have any more get out of jail free cards. Everyone that helped him spread his lies and lies about voter fraud should also be held accountable for the role they played in misleading millions of Americans.

 Deregulation is not a good thing, and much of what Trump did needs to be fixed ASAP.

 Trump needs to be held accountable for all the shit he did and all the lies he spread.

 Trump needs to be recognized for what he is and what he did.

 He is a fascist.

 He is racist.

 He is a liar.

 He has divided us with his wall of lies.

 A lie is still a lie regardless of who spreads it.

 Science is real.

 Climate Change is real.

 President Biden and Vice President Harris are a breath of fresh air.

 Soon. Things will be better soon.

There is so much work to do, but we got this. The Senate will come together and convict the Divider-N-Chief. No one that has been President has ever deserved to be convicted in the Senate more than 45. He literally incited an insurrection based on lies, not to mention all the other horrible and corrupted shit he has participated in behind closed doors. Although I've no doubt that we will soon see a peek into his White House through the memoirs of his aides.

Written By Ashley Houston


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