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The Best Of KCCO 2019...

The awards go to......drum roll

By Justice for AllPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
We are Family....

KCCO DC Marvel Carebear United Heroes Carebear conference was developed in Pooler Ga while my ex boyfriend's department started the worst law enforcement has to offer which hasn't changed much but this is about the best of the Marvels, The Gems, my Jewels..

2019 was a hard year, 2020 harder and 2021..Well we will just see. I always want to acknowledge the good, and especially in a hard year, the best of the best need to know who they are. I don't forget.

Care bear awards for late as they may be.. Go to the following..

Sweetest act by a grown man..Brian from Vaden who worked in Customer Service last I was aware, and Chase with Gulfstream. and Andy from Spudnik.

Honorable mention goes to Murphy and Grace...and the dad who works in in the AV department of Gulfsteam with the beautiful daughter who worked at Lovin Spoons- was driving a gold Honda and then a white RAV4 when she brought me pizza.

Fire Department - Savannah Fire minus the three at Battalion One on 10/16/19. However , professionalism in the face of being without the authority to do anything gives them an advantage.

Best Gaggle- Always goes to GA State Patrol ..even if it was random ..followed closely by Savannah Fire Department

07/12/19.. 0911, 0369..and Officer Caleb Wilkinson....there were 11 spaces with cars missing at 10 and 2.

Law Enforcement- remains to be was a bad year for law enforcement who committed the crimes and sadly continues to be.

But cutest local cop - Terry K-9 Officer I met outside Bentley's and ex - Army with Savannah Hilton Head Police Department.

Best financial support- Pooler Publix

David, Greg, Mike, Ning, Gwen, Margaret, Beverly, Tammilynne, Brian, Lily, Blaine, Meghan, Austin,

Best restaurant- Spudnik Hi Andy..... Thank you again for looking out over my stuff..You are the best SCAD.

Best boyfriend- hasn't happened yet...

Best young adult Care bear - 2019 Augusta Starbucks Pooler, Ellie Pooler Mellow Mushroom

Best overall staff- Publix Pooler, Starbucks Pooler, Mellow Mushroom Pooler

Mellow Mushroom Pooler - Noah, Rah, Glen, Ellie, Jake, LG, Erica, Malcolm, Danielle, Jade...all of you except Chandler Brennon.

The other Marvels- Lizzy, Augusta, Harper, Jacob, Josh, Clifford, Delia, Tiffany, Hailey (and her mom Brandi, and son Oliver), Brittney, Lauren, Red, Shay, Lori, Amber, Jessica, April, Taylor, Sol, Red everyone but Christine...

Hi Luke..Tell Hailey ,Oliver and Brandy Hi.

Best adult Carebear- Michael GM Tijuana Flats..Chatham County Sheriff's took the beautiful note on the envelope y'all wrote, along with my credit cards and electronics in June 2019 and still won't return them.. but I miss you all dearly.

Best Dressup- Pooler Wild Wings..Hi Christina ...Swiftie...

Best parking - Ga Search and Rescue..nice orange cones.

Best buddies I have lost touch with- Anna, Daryle, Kevin, Michael, Kayleigh, Samantha, Bree, Adam, Jenna...Actually all of you.

You all know a piece of Carebear..Please get in touch. KCCO can not exist without you. You were the inspiration behind it, and will always be the angels no one else has been able to beat.

Best Law Enforcement meet and greet- 2019 Ga state Patrol

Best Sheriff Dept- Richmond County Sheriff's Department for they handled Hurricane Dorian, and being the only law enforcement agency to take it upon themselves to even ask about my sexual assault, when there was nothing they could really do but because of it they are family..and boys can you drive...I am such a proud sister.

The best Sheriff in the State of Georgia- Richard Roundtree

To Jason Saal, Tyler Steerman, Tim Rzasa, Doyle, FTO Freeman..Be Safe. I remember trying to figure out how to give you more officers, reduce your hours and get you more gear..and get you paid back for the Dorian Evac. It is possible.

Agencies working together CSU, Richmond County Sheriff Department, Augusta BOE- Veronica Dunn

First apology by one of my former friends- Hasn't happened yet

Best Go bag- 2019 Tie- Ellie Mellow Mushroom Pooler, Augusta Starbucks Pooler, Publix Pooler

Anyone I may have left out...I am just tired and super busy..but you as everyday citizens are better than the people KCCO was created for and all of you are miracles in your own right. You still outshine the adults with badges.. It is time the people Carebear was built for start behaving as well as you. I have an LSAT to take in 30 days so I am going to need your help..a 10-32 - 10 code for passing messages to and for the KCCO Carebear Chief. You know who you can trust and who we can't. I still don't have Jacob and Ella, or much of anything back but you are the Kingdom, in my absence it belongs to you...Rule wisely, always be good to each other. You need to get follow the Underground Carebear trail. Get to people you trust, I can dismantle the Hydra..Telephone, Tell a understand passing messages. It's bigger than any of you know and I can do the brain work, I just need you to call your friends and family.. We can make it happen, we just need each other. I know you all were up to something, but we need to protect the entire state at this point. Other people lives really are at stake..Carebear it self is..

Buddy up..find the Carebear Tribe....

We are always Carebear family. ..

I miss you. All my love. Devani


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Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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