Should school be covered by tax?

Should everyone have to pay their way?

Should school be covered by tax?
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Should School Be Covered By Tax?

By Brian Altsman Jr.

Should your tax dollar be used in the scheme of big business? What would that mean at the local level? Is there a solution or is it a deficit? What could we expect from a free educational system? How do private schools operate over federally funded public schools? These questions and more implement into the conundrum of what the best move for all schools should be.

Some might say

“Well, too late, it already is. What about schools? How does it help to have tax go to education and what does that do?”

Well the answer is a little more complex than what you may think. The tax system is like a rain stick, there always a trickle down effect. On one hand we're paying for something, on the other hand it is a fraction of the overall costs where it's nearly not measurable if your income hits the right requirements.

The answer I believe is there should be even distribution of educational tax where the wealthy pay their fair share and the middle and poor communities pay what they can, and if not get granted permission to basic education which should be a basic right, right?!

Shouldn’t the problem just take care of itself? Like if instead of a federal tax and state tax on education for all households, the top fortune 500 businesses contribute from their profits into the educational system. That would allow for exponential growth and higher success I feel. If President Trump allowed people to access Trump University after all costs of building the college were caught up (before tax breaks), he could potentially be funding free education making Trump University a public school. But where’s the profit in that? People are the expense. Money causes this confusion all the time. That's the current situation.

To close the box on that open concept, let's focus on reality. As much as we need a new system, currently that's not the case, families pinch pennies to save for college where there's total sacrifice for sometimes just one student in the family to succeed. That shouldn't be the case, people shouldn't be taking out debt beyond their control either in the state of this country's deficit. Loans can be smart, but they can also be not an option if you can't afford/qualify for them while in school plus paying the offset tuition.

Currently one of the best steps in the game of life is entry level employment, acquiring reliable transportation, a living situation which can be successful alone or with a group of people both have their benefits. A group setting takes the weight of the financial burden off of everyone's shoulders; there’s time to group study, and things can be very collaborative. Living on your own if you're disciplined can be a perfect setting too if you plan on executing goals and succeeding independently.

In the real world the lesson I want to drive home is be realistic to survive immediately, but do not be afraid to be an open minded thinker and innovate some new solutions to old problems. That’s what this country needs in order to bring balance instead of just order to the educational system, the tax system, the economic system and the judiciary system,

What are your thoughts? Send me your idea’s and you could be featured in my next article in a cited excerpt. Collaboration is key in the pathways to success. Send me what you believe is the case in the comments down below or directly email my at [email protected] Use the header “EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM INPUT” and I’ll see to it as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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